Repertorio Español Speaks Up

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.07.2006 - Chisme

eugenio_derbez.jpgYesterday, People en Español announced that Eugenio Derbez’s play in New York was abruptly canceled. At the time of press, they had not heard back from Repertorio Español, the theatre where the play was to take place. Jose Luis Santa Cruz, PR manager for the theatre, said that there is a big misunderstanding because the play was not canceled or postponed because all they agreed to was one performance.

That one performance took place on Tuesday but Eugenio and crew thought this would be an ongoing gig. The theatre’s website does only show one performance available for the play. We’ll have to wait and see how this one ‘plays’ out. Wow, that was corny, huh?

Paulina’s Song Sizzles – Video Fizzles

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.07.2006 - Chisme, Musica, Paulina Rubio

Pau_9606_3002.jpgPaulina Rubio is on a roll lately. Her last album sold millions and now she is ready to take over again with her new production Ananda. Her latest single “Ni Una Sola Palabra” is climbing the charts but the video that accompanies it is being criticized for its cheap effects and fakeness. In the video, Paulina is a superhero dressed in gold and she is armed with her dog, lollipops, and an iPod and is on the attack of men trying to take advantage of girls that look like her.

The video looks like it was done on a $12 budget. In 1978. Judge for yourself.

Christina on Advocate

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.07.2006 - Chisme, Christina Aguilera, Gay

christina_aguilera_advocate_small.jpgMiss Aguilera is front and center on the cover of gay magazine Advocate. She continues with her 40′s theme pin-up style look that really does suit her. Christina has also been gay-ing it up in more ways than this magazine cover. She stopped by New York homo hot spot Splash Bar this past weekend to celebrate with her gay fans.

Presenting Baby Suri

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.06.2006 - Chisme

Suri_edited.jpgBehold a full picture of Suri Cruise. Lets not beat this horse anymore people.

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Eugenio Derbez’s Play Canceled

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.06.2006 - Chisme

Eugenio.jpgLa Bella y La Muy Bestia, the much-anticipated play starring Eugenio Derbez, has been abruptly canceled reports People en Español. Eugenio announced that the play, which was expected to have a successful run with the Repertorio Español Theatre in New York, was not being supported. He thanked everyone who worked on the play “except the Repertorio? who he claims didn’t publicize the play because of envy.

Unlike Jaime Camil’s Mambo Kings, which never saw the light of day, Eugenio is already getting offers from other theatre companies in Mexico and New York wanting to discuss the possibility of moving the play to another location. Lets hope it does, because it must be horrible to rehearse day and night and put your all into something only to never reap the benefits of your hard work.