Paulina Rubio Hasn’t Paid Her Management?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.24.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Paulina Rubio

Paulinamtv.jpgYou’d think that with all of her recent success in music, endorsements, and other deals, Paulina would be careful about taking care of her managers. According to, Paulina Rubio has failed to include her managers on their cut of money earned from different projects.

In the suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Storm Theater Group claims they are owed nearly $300,000 in back commissions. They say the money represents their cut of nearly $2 million that Rubio pocketed for endorsements and merchandising.

Uh oh, Paulina. Is this true? We love you, but how about paying your managers their well-deserved percentage? Pau Power better be Pau Paying up.
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Barbara Mori Gets Booed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme, Novelas

Barbara Mori.jpgBarbara Mori was booed at a recent event in Mexico. She was walking on the red carpet and zoomed right past the fans. Everyone started booing her for this, but the actress later explained that the event organizers made her rush, basically placing the blame on someone else.

Barbara – not sure if you got the memo or not, but fans are the reason you have what you have. Who watches your novelas? Fans. Who watches your interviews? Fans. Who should watch their back and career because she’s been rude to her fans? You, Barbara, you. Even if event organizers are asking you to hurry – you take a moment to wave, blow a kiss, just do something to acknowledge the fans’ presence.

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Sergio Mayer’s Daughter Born

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2006 - Chisme, Familia

Sergio Mayer2.jpgCongratulations Sergio Mayer on becoming a father once again – his wife Isabela Camil gave birth via cecerian to a healthy 7 pound girl. Isabela is actor Jaime Camil‘s sister. This is Sergios second child – he already has a son with actress Barbara Mori.

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Shakira To Fly Over Lima

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2006 - Shakira

Shaki1.jpgShakira is making sure her one show in Lima, Peru on November 28th goes down as one of the best concerts that country has seen. She is transporting four giant screens from Argentina to ensure that everyone can see, and best of all she plans on moving above the audience. She is using a mechanical arm that will give her a bird’s eye view of her fans.

Peru – You are too lucky! Make sure you snap pictures and send them to us!

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Beatriz Luengo Clings to Fame

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2006 - Chisme

Beatriz Luengo.jpgSpanish singer Beatriz Luengo was on hand to introduce the new Furby doll just in time for the holidays. We know it is confusing because they are both in purple, but Beatriz is the one on the right, er, left. OK, now we’re confused.

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