Latin Quickies

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  • Xtina1.jpgChristina Aguilera admits that she drank Maker’s Mark whisky to obtain a raspy voice for one of her tracks on her new album, Back to Basics. Lindsay Lohan also announced that she drinks Maker’s Mark to obtain, well, a buzz.
  • pedro-almodovar1.jpgSpanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar was honored with Germany’s Bogey Award, which means that he filled 1000 seats in every screening of his new film Volver. Felicitaciones Pedro.
  • JT1.jpgJustin Timberlake promises to invite the press to his wedding to Cameron Diaz, instead of wasting so much energy trying to shun the press. No wedding date has been set.
  • Bobby1.jpgToday Niurka Marcos and Bobby Larios make their divorce official. Thank goodness this coupling is over.

Rolling Stones Cancel Spain Show

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.14.2006 - Chisme, Musica

Mick1.jpgThe Rolling Stones have been forced to cancel their show tonight in Valladolid, Spain because Mick Jagger has come down with a bad case of laryngitis. No word yet on their next performance in EL Ejido, Spain and it is still unknown if they will reschedule this show. Mick left this note on the band’s website:

“I am very sorry to be cancelling this show. I always love playing in Spain, but unfortunately I have no other choice and I apologise to everyone who bought tickets for tonight.”

Look on the brightside ticketholders, instead of rocking out to the Rolling Stones tonight, you get to spend your evening reading the latest dirt on Latin Gossip.

Alicia Confirmed What We Already Knew

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.14.2006 - Familia, Musica

alici 11.jpgAlicia Villareal is still pregnant and is doing fine since her surgery a couple of weeks ago. She also mentioned that she is not cancelling her concert tour entirely, she is just taking a few days off to rest, but that she should be back on the road very soon.

“I am three months pregnant. I didn’t know it, but I am very happy,” shared Alicia.

Last week there was speculation that Alicia might have lost the baby so it is really good to hear that she and baby are doing well.

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Lesbian Experience on Eva Longoria’s To Do List

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Eva Longoria.jpgEva Longoria has come out of the closet. Well, sort of. Eva told boyfriend Tony Parker that she wants a “full-on gay experience.” Eva was so impressed with a girl-on-girl kiss she experienced in Las Vegas that now she wants to go all the way with a female. She says:

“I wish I had a full-on gay experience because I think women are beautiful creatures. They’re much more attractive naked than men and it sounds like fun.”

This news comes just a few days after her castmate, Marcia Cross, was questioned about her sexuality on live television. This is one way to boost ratings on Desperate Lesbians Housewives.

Maria Conchita Alonso Shocks New Fans

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.14.2006 - Chisme, Televisión

MaCoAl.jpgCuban actress Maria Conchita Alonso, whose career has been resurrected with her participation on Desperate Housewives, came clean to her newfound fans about her battle with bulimia. The actress admitted that she suffered from bulimia for several years but that she now has a nutritionist and exercises to maintain her strong physique.

Maria Conchita announced this years ago to the Latin public and we were shocked then. Same message, different audience.

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