Reggaeton + Playboy = Playmates Perreando

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.10.2006 - Chisme, Musica

Boy Wonder.bmpWhat do you get when you mix some of the hottest names in Reggaeton and countless Playmates in the Playboy Mansion? A hell of a good time. The gathering was part of a preview performance for the November 14th release of Chosen Few: El Documental II. Those who attended included Boy Wonder, Angel y Kris, Alexis y Fido, LDA, Zion, Fuego, Reychesta, Getto, N.O.R.E, and Baby Ranks.

Has anyone actually seen any of these guys since the party? If they go missing, at least we all know where to find them.

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Paulina Rubio Stays On Top

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.10.2006 - Musica, Paulina Rubio

AnandaPaulina Rubio‘s Ni Una Sola Palabra continues to dominate the Latin charts as this week marks the fourth consecutive week at the number one spot in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Her album, Ananda, has achieved sales of more than 200,000 copies in the States alone, making this the strongest debut in her career.

While she may be keeping a lower profile these past few days, more than likely to avoid any controversy, her album is speaking volumes of the star power that Paulina has right now. Who needs a crossover when you’re this successful in Latin America?

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Los Tigres Del Norte Just Say No To Iraq

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2006 - Musica

TIgres.jpgLast week, it was reported on Latin Gossip that Los Tigres Del Norte were invited to perform in Iraq but hadn’t made a decision as to whether they were going or not.

They have decided that they are going to pass and not participate because they, admittedly, are afraid.

Even though this means that many troops will be disappointed, who can blame Los Tigres?

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Drag King Hits On Penelope Cruz

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2006 - Gay, Penelope Cruz

Penelope.jpgAt the after party for the premiere of Volver, Drag King Murray Hill walked up to Penelope Cruz and clearly came on to her. Murray said:

“They tell me you and I would like each other. I see you have your BlackBerry. Let me give you my number.”

It was reported that Penelope giggled nervously and posed for a few snapshots with the butch admirer. Rumors that Penelope is a lesbian have been going around Hollywood for quite some time (and who wouldn’t be after dating Tom Cruise?), so this is what may have sparked the inspiration for this encounter. Either way, it seems Penelope handled it well and who knows, maybe when she wants to flip the switch, she’ll call Murray.
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Diddy Can’t Get Over Jennifer Lopez

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.09.2006 - Jennifer Lopez

Diddy Lopez.JPGSeveral years and even more boyfriends/husbands later, Jennifer Lopez continues to haunt Diddy. He admits that Jennifer inspired many of the songs on his new album, Press Play. He says:

“She was one of my girlfriends, and the most highly publicized one. But I’ve been blessed to go out with a couple of great women, and she was one of the great ones.”

He continues on to claim that he is now focused on his new love, Kim Porter, who is pregnant with his twins. Uh huh. Right. We all know that if Jennifer were to show any sign of interest in him, he would drop his current girlfriend, twins and all, and jump at the chance of getting back with La Lopez.

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