Paulina Rubio Wants to Kiss Thalia

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2006 - Paulina Rubio, Thalia

Thalía & Paulina Rubio.jpgOn Piolin’s radio show, Paulina Rubio was asked what she thought about Thalia, yet again. Lately she has kept a tight lip in regard to this, saying only that the two respect each other but don’t get each other, blah, blah, blah…

But this time she decided to be more controversial with her answer by responding with:

“I’d like to give Thalia a kiss in the ear, a la Mike Tyson.”

Is it wrong that some of us would pay to see that? Imagine sitting there eating your popcorn and watching a death match between the two Latin pop divas only to see Paulina attempt to bite Thalia’s ear off. Better question, is it wrong to get turned on by that?

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Shakira’s Boyfriend Needs a Diet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2006 - Amor, Marc Anthony, Shakira

Shakira6.jpg The mystery of the year has been uncovered! Now we know for certain that Shakira’s boyfriend, Antonio De La Rua, has been stealing Marc Anthony’s food and eating it.

Check him out in his shirtless splendor, trying to act all innocent, even though we all know he just ate all of Marc’s cake. Shakira needs to give him some belly exercises. Quick. NOW.

Poor Marc. Everyone has been blaming him this whole time.

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Thank Goodness for Cameron Diaz!

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2006 - Amor, Cameron Diaz, Celebrity Blunder

Cameron Justin.jpgNow that Justin Timberlake has had a day to cool off after his scuffle with the paparazzi, he should be thanking Cameron for calming him down before doing something that would’ve cost him in one way or another.

After Justin and Cameron arrived at a party in Hollywood, Justin noticed the photogs and went on the attack, not fulfilling his mission of knocking them out because Cameron held him back.

The paparazzi were on a public street and Justin still was not content.

Note to stars: If you don’t like having your picture taken, stop releasing albums and move to Topeka. You don’t really hear of paparazzi stalking out people in Topeka, right?

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Marc Anthony’s Birthday Cake

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2006 - Marc Anthony

cake.jpgOnly the best of the best. Many of you have been curious about the cake that Marc Anthony celebrated his 38th with this weekend. So here is a picture of the rich chocolate ‘autumn’ cake. Let’s hope he ate some because manorexia doesn’t suit anyone.

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Paulina Rubio’s Big Day

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.19.2006 - Musica, Paulina Rubio

Ananda (Spec) (Spkg)Paulina Rubio’s new album, Ananda, drops today and she is making the rounds on television shows to promote it. She was on El Gordo Y La Flaca talking about her music and of course Skinny and Fattie couldn’t resist asking her if she regrets having hit a photographer with her purse. Cool as always, Paulina responded with:

“I only regret things I haven’t done. I don’t regret what I have done.”

Nice answer. In addition to this discussion Paulina also refused to talk to Lili Estefan during the interview. Apparently, it has something to do with Thalia being in the mix. Things that make you go hmm. I’m sure that we’ll be finding out about this more and more as time comes.