Cristina To Be A Grandma

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.08.2007 - Chisme

Cristina.jpgCristina Saralegui will be a grandmother in 2007. Her daughter, Cristina, nicknamed Titi, is pregnant. The sex of the baby is still unknown.

BUT – if it is a girl, they will name the baby, yup, you guessed it. Cristina.

Congratulations Cristina and Cristina!

This is Valeria Rivera

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.08.2007 - Alejandro Sanz

AM_VRELMDHSDS7010801.jpgWe told you a few weeks ago that Alejandro Sanz‘s secret son’s mother is someone by the name of Valeria Rivera. Well, lookie here. This is her.

How do we say this without being offensive – she must be a VERY nice gal. Let’s just say we would have never traded Jaydy for Val.

[Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]

Confirmed! Miguel Born

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.08.2007 - Luis Miguel

luismi2.jpgFinally, we get word from Luis Miguel about his baby. This is the message on his official web page:

Beverly Hills, CA (January 4 2007)- January 1st 2007 at 1:54 pm and in perfect health, Miguel was born, Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula‘s son. At birth, he weighed 3 kilos 315 grams and measured 53 centimeters.

Welcome to this crazy world Miguel!

Tatiana Is the Queen of Kids

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.08.2007 - Chisme

Tatiana2.jpgTatiana stopped by the Federico Gomez hospital in Mexico to donate toys to sick children, all part of Three Kings Day. A mother wrote us in to let us know of Tatiana’s goodwill. She said:

“Today we met Tatiana at the hospital. Let me tell you that she is the nicest person I have ever met. She really loves children and I’ve never met anyone so devoted to children.”

Salma and Penelope on DVD

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.08.2007 - Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek

bandidas.jpg We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly here at Latin Gossip. We’ve mentioned many times that we think Penelope Cruz has a great chance of winning the Oscar this year. We’ve also talked about what an incredible year Salma Hayek had in 2006. That is obviously the good.

The bad and ugly – Salma and Penelope made a film together called Bandidas and it is going straight to DVD. That is a bad sign. It usually means that the movie is so bad, the studios don’t want to bother putting it in theatres. Ouch!