Sofia Serves as a Good Example

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.17.2006 - Sofia Vergara

SOfia.jpgThis is why we love her. Colombian actress Sofia Vergara spent some time at the Ronald McDonald House in New York.

Shakira in Bogota

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.17.2006 - Shakira

Shaki.jpgPaparazzi photographers have been hounding Shakira all throughout Bogota and yesterday more than seven SUVs where used to fool them while Shakira stopped by the dentist to get her teeth checked.

Gael Being Modest

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.17.2006 - Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael.jpgWhile promoting the film Babel, Gael Garcia Bernal admitted that he thinks he will never win an Oscar. Umm, are we the only ones that think that he is wrong?

Cameron Already Did It?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.17.2006 - Cameron Diaz, Cosmetic Surgery

cameron2.jpgCameron Diaz reportedly already got a nose job. This is supposed to be the first image of her only hours after the surgery. Her nose does look a little swollen so we’ll have to wait to get a better look at it to judge.

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First Look at Yuniol

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.17.2006 - Charytin, Shalim Ortiz

Poster_version_Panchy.jpgHere is a sneak peek at the poster for Yuniol, the movie starring Shalim, Charytin, and Frank Perozo. More details about the movie soon to come.

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