Eduardo Yañez Slap Lawsuit Begins

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.14.2018 - Eduardo Yañez

eduardoThe case against Eduardo Yañez has started.

Last year the actor became international news when he outright slapped a Univision reporter on the red carpet of an event in Los Angeles.

The journalist moved forward with a lawsuit and the lawyers met in court for the first time to initiate the legal process.

Eduardo’s lawyers wanted to reduce the charges against him – but failed in doing so.

Let’s hope justice will be served to slap some sense back into Eduardo.

Denise Quiñones Considering Taking Over Miss Universe Puerto Rico

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.14.2018 - Chisme

DeniseDenise Quiñones may be adding a new title to her resume.

She said she has been in talks to become the director of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico franchise.

When asked if she could handle the job, she honestly said she didn’t know because she is still unaware of all the responsibilities that come with the job and that’s why there have only been talks and not an official proposal.

Considering she was crowned Miss Universe, she would be bringing a different kind of experience to the pageant.

Hirmomi’s Widower Gets Memorial Tattoo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.14.2018 - RIP

FerSanFernando Santana, Hiromi‘s widower, got a tattoo to have his wife and daughter with him forever.

He said that although he’d never thought of getting a tattoo, one day he started to doodle and came up with a sketch that intertwined his and their initials and decided to go for it.

The singer had originally thought of getting the design on his shoulder, but decided that it would be more appropriate to do it on his chest to have it close to his heart.

He also added four stars, they represent his parents and two sisters, to have his entire family with him.

Cesar Bono Parts Ways With Televisa

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.14.2018 - Televisión

cb225Cesar Bono had worked with Televisa for 51 years.

The comedian said his exclusivity contract ended and it is time to go where he can find work so he joined the cast of “3 Familias,” a comedy telenovela by TV Azteca.

“Todos los cambios que hay en Televisa llevaron a que mi relación con ellos terminara, pero soy actor así que no creo que esto sea recomenzar sino simplemente es parte de mi trayectoria,” he said. “En 51 años he aprendido mucho, tengo una historia que me respalda y que me ha enseñado que lo que debo hacer es disfrutar, porque soy como cualquiera”.

He won’t be completely away from Televisa though. He will still be seen in the reboot of Vecinos.

Jessica Simpson Twinning With Ricky Martin

by Latin Gossip Staff on 02.13.2018 - Ricky Martin

jessica+rickyJessica Simpson and Ricky Martin look alike?? That’s what she’s saying.

The singer and entrepreneur posted a side by side pic with Ricky saying fans had pointed out that they look alike.

She even said they are twinning. Do you agree??