Don Francisco Debuting New Show With Kids Called Siempre Niños

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Don Francisco, Televisión

donfranciscosiempreninosWhat do you get when you combine Don Francisco and little kids?? A new show on Telemundo called “Siempre Niños.”

The host had a segment on “Sabado Gigante” which had him conversing with kids and hearing their honest and hilarious responses. It appears they have taken that formula to create a full program about it.

Check out the preview clip and tell us what you think.

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Mich Duval and Carolina Miranda are Dating

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Chisme

michmirandaCarolina Miranda and Mich Duval are dating!

The “Señora Acero” actors were on “Don Francisco Te Invita” and were beating around the bush when asked if they’re a couple.

Mich took it upon himself to reveal that they are dating by planting a kiss on Carolina.

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Millie Corretjer Responds to Oscar De La Hoya Single Announcement

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Deportes, Oscar De la Hoya

oscarmillieMillie Corretjer has made a comment that seems to be linked to Oscar De La Hoya‘s recent drunken reveal.

The boxer was filmed, while presumably heavily under the influence of alcohol, announcing that he is currently single.

This would mean that his marriage to Millie is over.

She took to social media to post this telling quote:

“In the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved, and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown.”

Get ready for some type of official announcement soon.

Oscar De La Hoya Drunkenly Announces That He is Single

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Deportes, Oscar De la Hoya

oscardelahoyaA couple of videos have come out lately of Oscar De La Hoya that has his friends and family a little concerned.

The boxer, who has had drug and alcohol problems in the past which caused him to enter rehab, appears to be drinking heavily lately.

In the latest TMZ video the married De La Hoya announces he is now single.

Oscar made the announcement while partying on the Sunset Strip this week … saying, “Guess what … I’m single!”

This apparently means his longtime marriage to pop singer Millie Corretjer is dunzo.

Oscar and Millie married in 2001. They have 2 children together.

Oscar’s rep says De La Hoya’s personal life is personal and spoke about how people are trying to damage his reputation with these videos.

Telemundo Promotes El Chema With Awesome Virtual Reality Experience

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Televisión

telemundoTelemundo has a new show on its hands called “El Chema” and they have come up with a creative and modern way to promote it.

The network held virtual reality experiences throughout the country in which the public could live out El Chema’s escape from prison.

The scene is basically ripped off the headlines – think El Chapo – so the imagery and feel should be exhilarating.

Let’s see if this VR stunt translates into ratings.