Alejandro Chaban and Despierta America Literally Changing Lives

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.16.2014 - Alejandro Chaban, Televisión

alejandro+chabanWe love how Alejandro Chaban and “Despierta America” are changing lives for the better!

They are motivating people through literal body transformations thanks to the Yes You Can Diet Plan!

Here is the latest example – Luisa who lost over 60 pounds with the diet plan and was the guest of honor on “Despierta America” where all of America was WOWED by the change.

She looks like a full on model! Can’t wait to see who’s next!!

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Shaila Durcal Publishes Beautiful Message For Her Father

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.16.2014 - RIP, Shaila Durcal

rocio+durcal+juniorShaila Durcal has published a message to her father, Antonio ‘Junior’ Morales, who, as we told you, passed away.

She posted this pic of her mom, Rocio Durcal, with Junior and the following beautiful message:

“Now you can always be together in eternity, I know she is waiting for you… I’ll miss you so much, I will never forget you and I’ll cherish the time we had together. Love u Daddy💙Forever #R.I.P.”

Our condolences to Shaila.

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Barbara Mori Wants to Play Maria Felix in a Movie

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.16.2014 - Barbara Mori

barbara+moriBarbara Mori is looking for her next movie project.

She has a strong desire to play Maria Felix in a film.

Barbara says she would love to play her because she was a very strong woman with a strong personality.

We can totally see it…can you??

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Antonio Banderas Ready to Play Pablo Picasso

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.16.2014 - Antonio Banderas

antonio+banderasIt’s all about timing!

Several years ago, Antonio Banderas was offered the chance to play Pablo Picasso in a movie – and he turned it down.

Well the opportunity has presented itself again and this time Antonio is going to do it!

He says he now feels he can properly interpret the artist since he is at an age where he can completely comprehend and connect with Picasso.

This should be good!

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Antonio Junior Morales Died

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.15.2014 - RIP

juniorAntonio “Junior” Morales, Rocio Durcal‘s widower and father of Shaila Durcal, died at his home.

His body was found by his gardener, who had to force the door open since it was locked from the inside.

Antonio Morales was 70 years old and even though he had his own singing career and was the vocalist of the group Los Brincos, his popularity skyrocketed when he married Rocio in 1970.

May he rest in peace.

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