Mi TRL With AB and Peewee

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.28.2006 - AB Quintanilla, Televisión

AB and PeeWee.jpgAB and Peewee on TV. Hey, that rhymes! The two most recognized members of Kumbia All Starz stopped by the MTV studios in New York for the show Mi TRL. Their loyal fans showed them support by showing up, but it doesn’t end there.

After three weeks of releasing their latest album, The Kumbia All Starz maintain a strong standing at number four on the charts, again proving that even though AB caused tons of controversy, it didn’t hurt the overall sales.

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Stop Acting 24/7, Gabriela

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.28.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme, Novelas

GabrielaSpanic.jpgShe’s at it again! The line between the real word and the set of the novela is obviously one big blur to Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic. Latin Gossip reader Amanda writes in to let us know about Gabriela’s recent dramatic speech.

“I attended an AIDS event in Miami and many celebrities spoke and did great! Then Gabriela Spanic gave her speech and it was so over dramatic and fake. I can’t even explain it in words, but she made everyone in the audience shut down and not listen to her. Everyone made fun of her and said that she was by far the worst speaker there. It looked like she was acting, like portraying a soap opera character on stage. We thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t. AIDS is serious and it looked like she made a joke out of it.”

You see, Gabriela. Sometimes less is more. Gabriela is known for her cheesiness and, frankly, we are tired of it. Event organizers – you can invite Gabriela to your events; just make sure she doesn’t open her mouth.
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Juan Pablo Montoya’s NASCAR debut

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.28.2006 - Deportes, Televisión

MOntoya.jpgColombian race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya will show the world that he is no one-trick pony. After years of successful racing in Formula One, he decided to make a surprising move to NASCAR and his first official race is today. Of his first time, he says:

“I don’t want to look like an idiot out there. I’m a little bit stressed out about everything has to go right.”

In addition to his skill, everyone is talking up a storm about how nice he has been. Nothing of ego or conceit has come out of his mouth, allowing for a full welcome by his NASCAR companions. That already makes him a winner in our book.

Good luck Montoya! We’re sure you won’t look like an idiot!
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Eva and Mario BFF

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.27.2006 - Amor, Eva Longoria

Eva Mario130.jpgWhile we can’t make up rumors and say that they are dating, these pictures of Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez hanging out sure make some eyebrows perk up. Look at how much fun they have with each other. If Eva’s love for Tony Parker ever runs out, it sure looks like she and Mario would make cute babies.

More pictures of the possibly future Mr. and Mrs. Mario Lopez after the jump. Continue reading »

TV y Novelas’s Fake Aracely Arambula Picture

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.27.2006 - Aracely Arambula

Aracely Arambulafake.jpgScandalous! Yesterday, we showed you the picture of Aracely Arambula on the cover of TV y Novelas, and we even said we didn’t like it as much as Hola!‘s version. Well, there is a reason for that. It is a FAKE!

That’s right, the picture that you see to the left is a fake and Aracely is preparing to sue TV y Novelas if they release the magazine. The folks at the Latin tabloid-zine admit today that they were deceived by the photographer that sold them the picture. They are now taking legal action against the photographer.

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