Juanes to Take a Break

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.10.2006 - Juanes, Musica

Juanes Juanes announced that he will be spending about a year away from the public eye starting on August 5th. He will spend most of this year in his hometown of Medellin, Colombia to rest, be with his family, and start planning his next album. When will he work on Paulina’s album?

I will dedicate more time to my family, more time in the recording studio, and need to work more on the objectives that have fallen behind from my foundation Mi Sangre,” said the singer to Globovision.com

Juanes has put on 169 concerts in 31 countries in the short timespan of 17 months. As People en Español says, this is a well deserved rest. Still, I don’t want to think about the Latin music scene without Juanes. There are so many cheesy Latin acts and telenovela actors releasing albums that losing Juanes for even a year may have a big impact on the Latin music market.

Forget Music, David Bisbal is Working on a Fragrance

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.10.2006 - Chisme

David Bisbal David Bisbal just signed a lucrative deal with Idesa Parfums to develop and market a fragrance that will bear his name. David had most recently put his career on hold to get some R&R in his home in Spain with his girlfriend Elena Tablada, but is planning his comeback.

Bisbal has enormous mass appeal in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The first fragrance line under the young music star’s name will be launched by the end of the year in Spain. An international rollout to Latin American countries will follow.

The press release also announced that this will be David’s first fragrance which of course leaves the door open for a second and third. So now David has discovered the true art of pimping himself out to corporations. What’s next? Tampons? Wart removers?

Latin Sports News : Deportes

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.09.2006 - Deportes

Italy World Cup Copa Mundial Italy won the World Cup. The game went on to penalty shots and Italy won 5-3. Even though all Latin American teams were eliminated several rounds ago, World Cup news still matters to us. Congratulations Italy, we’ll see you in four years! Vedali durante quattro anni!

Rafael Nadal Federer Wimbledon Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal lost against Swiss player Roger Federer at the Wimbledon Finals. Try and decipher what Rafael says in this sound byte about the match. At least he tries to speak English unlike that sap Pablo Montero.

Tito Ortiz Shamrock UFC 61 Tito Ortiz cloberred Ken Shamrock at UFC 61. The Mexican-American Ortiz beat Shamrock after only 1 minute 8 seconds into round one. “I hit him with one elbow, and he went completely limp,” Ortiz said in a telephone interview after the bout. “Herb Dean made the right decision.”

Juan Pablo Montoya NASCAR Colombian race driver Juan Pablo Montoya is leaving Formula 1 Racing and will join the NASCAR Cup circuit. “I think it’s a great challenge for my career. Coming here is probably going to be my toughest challenge ever,” said Montoya.

Ricky Martin Sells His Home in LA

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.07.2006 - Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin It didn’t have a “For Sale” sign up but Ricky Martin managed to sell his house anyway because someone offered him an amount he couldn’t pass up. The 11,000 square foot house with six bedrooms and twelve bathrooms sold for $18 million. Not a bad deal at all, considering that Ricky paid around $12 million for it less than a year ago.

Ricky spends about $10,000 a week on massages and facials, so it is a good thing that some cash flow came his way. I think this transaction makes it official that Ricky now makes more money in real estate than on selling albums.

Richard Perez-Feria is Fired From People En Español

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.06.2006 - Chisme

Richard Perez-Feria Richard Perez-Feria is leaving People En Español . Of course they can try and say that his contract is up or some other ‘safe’ lie but the inside scoop is that Richard was fired for his lies, misconduct, and loss of trust from the celebrities that the magazine promotes.

Richard walks around claiming that he slept with Ricky Martin, Pablo Montero, and other hot celebrities, male and female alike. He is apparently not too hush-hush about the secrets of celebrities and spills the beans on who does which drugs, something he participates in, and which celebrity is gay or not. The celebs complained and Richard got the boot.

Jennifer Lopez didn’t show up to the party for “50 Mas Bellos”, a party largely thrown in her honor, because she doesn’t care for Richard. I have to give him credit because he helped make the magazine what it is today, but I think everyone around him knew that he was on self-destruct mode.

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