Jennifer Does It Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.13.2007 - Jennifer Lopez, Televisión

SN_JLPHNRS7011203.jpgJennifer Lopez honestly looks so hot 99% of the time. Here she is not showing cleavage, not wearing a mini, not wearing a super tight outfit, and she still looks amazing.

Proof that you could still look good without going all slutty.

PSDancelife, a new show that Jennifer is executive producing, will debut on Monday on MTV.

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Jai Needs A New Job

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.12.2007 - Gay, Televisión

jai.jpgQueer Eye For The Straight Guy has been cancelled. That means that Jai Rodriguez is out of a job…so anyone that needs his services (whatever they may be) he is available.

By the way, we had no idea that this show was still on. Didn’t it get cancelled three years ago?

We could credit Jai for being a pioneer for Latin gay men, but we’d be lying. Long before him, there was Walter Mercado, Juan Gabriel, Samy, Cachita, and Bobby Larios.

Bad News For Dayanara

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.12.2007 - Chisme

dayanara.jpgVery sad news. Dayanara Torres‘s father has colon cancer. She has canceled any work that she had planned for the next few weeks to be with her dad.

We’ll be praying for your father, Daya!

Quotes : Don Omar

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.12.2007 - Quotes

don omar4.jpg

“I wrote it because it was very difficult for the public to understand an unfortunate event that happened to me in Puerto Rico a few years ago. One day I was detained by a cop and he wanted to inspect my car, without a warrant. I told them to buzz off. A while after that, the same cop arrested me for possessing weapons and drugs and I didn’t have any of that. The courts of my country understood that the authorities were wrong, but it was difficult to tell the public that those agents were after other urban music artists of my streets.”

Don Omar talks about his autobiography, Lo Que Ellos No Sabian De Mi, with Playboy Mexico.

Shalim Shows Up On Disney

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.12.2007 - Shalim Ortiz, Televisión

Shalim2.jpgWe have exclusive news to chat with you about. We just found out that Shalim will be making a guest appearance on Cory in the House, a new show that will air on the Disney Channel.

He will play Nanoosh, a ‘singing superstar from the country of Bahavia.’ Interesting…

Plus, we have more news about Sha to dish very soon. Stay tuned to Latin Gossip to find out more!