Rosario Dawson’s Haircut

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.12.2006 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme

Rosario Dawson2.jpgThis might be the worst haircut on a celebrity in recent years. Rosario Dawson looks like she got into a fight with a pair of scissors and then scissors called his buddies, razor and saw, and they took turns beating up her hair. Rosario, they’ve already cast Ugly Betty.
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What Did You Wish for on Your Birthday?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.11.2006 - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba US.jpgOops. Jessica Alba almost let it all hang out but caught the wardrobe malfunction before it was too late. You should have wished harder, fellas.

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La Oreja De Van Gogh Confirmed for Viña

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.11.2006 - Musica

El Viaje de CopperpotThat’s right. La Oreja De Van Gogh has signed on to sing at Viña Del Mar. They’ll be ready for it since it comes after their concert tour in the U.S..

  • Dallas (Escpde) – Nov. 9th
  • El Paso (El Coliseo) Nov. 10th
  • McAllen (Graham Station) Nov. 11th
  • Houston (Escapade) Nov. 15th
  • San Diego (Hob) Nov. 17th
  • San José (Civic Center) Nov. 18th
  • Los Angeles, California (Gibson Amphitheatre) Nov. 19th
  • Nueva York (Roxy) Nov. 21st
  • Chicago (Riviera) Nov. 22nd
  • Atlanta (Tabernacle) Nov. 24th
  • Orlando (Hard Rock Live) Nov. 25th
  • Miami (James L. Knight Center) Nov. 26th

Last year they performed at Viña and the audience loved them. Not sure if the same will happen to this artist.

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AB Quintanilla is a No Show

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.11.2006 - AB Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla.jpgAB Quintanilla was supposed to show up to radio station AMOR 107.5 FM this morning in Miami for an interview and to discuss everything that has gone down in recent months. Will you believe that he didn’t show up?

The radio station was genuinely worried and called AB at his hotel to see what happened. No answer. They still haven’t heard from AB. (I wonder what kind of excuse he’ll come up with this time.)

AB, you’re already on thin ice. Your fans are rooting for you, but they can only hear “sorry” so many times before they shut down and stop listening.

MEANWHILE, in good celebrity land, Mariana Seoane showed up to her interview on time.

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Calle 13 on Fire!

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.11.2006 - Musica

Calle 13Both Time and Billboard are praising Calle 13 in their new issues. Coming strong onto the music scene with three Latin Grammy nominations and three MTV Awards nominations as well, nothing seems to be slowing down this Puerto Rican duo.


Time calls Calle 13 “One of the best Latin Grammy nominees. The lyrics are clever–often hilarious–and go beyond babes, bullets, and bling.


While Billboard is saying that Calle 13 is “the year’s most surprising Latin music success story.” Billboard also has a chronological time line of Calle 13′s rise to fame and success. It really paints the picture of their journey in the past couple of years. For this reason alone, this issue is worth picking up.