Suspect in Trigo Figueroa’s Murder

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.01.2006 - Chisme

Ricardo Sanchez.jpgAuthorities have identified a lead suspect in the case of the murder of Trigo Figueroa, son of Mexican singer Joan Sebastian. The suspect’s name is Ricardo Sanchez and police are on the hunt for him after witnesses stepped up to provide tips. Sanchez, 21, is said to be driving a white BMW with a Mexican license plate. Officials are urging anyone with information on Sanchez to contact the authorities and to be cautious as he presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Welcome Peter Castro

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.01.2006 - Chisme

Peter Castro1.jpgThe first issue of People En Español sans-Richard Perez-Feria is out on newsstands now. Fresh from the box Editor Peter Castro discusses how he is ready for what the future holds and briefly mentions his history with the mag.

Peter talks of his interview with Walter Mercado, his involvement in the issue paying homage to Celia Cruz, and other notable memories since he started as a writer for the magazine.

These are exciting times for People En Español, but Peter has to prove himself as someone with new and innovative ideas and that he is not just taking over only to have the magazine run the same way. For all the dirty scoundrel-type nuisances that Richard Perez-Feria pulled off, he was a big part of making the magazine the success that it is today. We only expect Peter to take it even further.

MTV VMAs Diss Shakira

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.01.2006 - Chisme

Shakira.jpgGoing into the awards tied with the most nominations has got to be difficult. People expect you to win many awards. Shakira, nominated for the most awards with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, only won in one category – Best Choreography. Best female video went to last year’s underdog who put on a repeat performance as the surprise winner and got the moonman in that category.

A couple of days ago, Gwen Stefani announced that she was boycotting the VMAs because she felt she was set up last year with so many nominations only to lose to Clarkson. Did the same thing happen to Shakira?

Chespirito in the Hospital

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.31.2006 - Chisme

chespirito.jpgRoberto Gomez Bolaños, known for his famous portrayal of Chespirito, had to check himself into the hospital after he fell and hurt his ribs. As soon as he checked out he continue to promote his memoir Sin Querer Queriendo.

Let’s hope he fully recovers quickly.

Los Tigres Del Norte Continue Latin Domination

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.31.2006 - Musica

Los Tigres Del Norte1.bmpEveryone’s favorite Regional Mexican band have done it again. Los Tigres Del Norte’s current album La Banda Del Carro Rojo sits at #1 on their genre’s chart for the second week in a row. They have hit the road to play in many locations in America. Check out these legends if they are in your town because they truly put on a great show. Tour schedule after the jump. Continue reading »