Jessica Alba Pulled Over

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.23.2007 - Celebrity Blunder, Jessica Alba

SN_JAAVBGPO7052316.jpgJessica Alba gets pulled over for not having any license plates on her car and for the dark dark tinted windows. She tried to get out of the ticket by saying paparazzi were following her…but the cop wrote her a big fat ticket anyway.

The actress, who was driving her electric hybrid car, was unfortunately not arrested.

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Enrique at EXA Concert

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.23.2007 - Enrique Iglesias

enrique1.jpgEnrique Iglesias wore his usual hat, sang his usual songs, and, as usual, grabbed one lucky girl from the audience so she could rub herself all over him if she wanted.

We like Enrique, but hate repetitiveness.

Nuestra Belleza Winner

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.22.2007 - Chisme

alejandra1.jpgCongratulations to Alejandra Espinoza for winning Nuestra Belleza Latina!

Lights, Camera, Action…Jacqueline EATS!

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.22.2007 - Chisme

MSN_JBSD7052203.jpgJacqueline Bracamontes wants to show that she is a regular girl – and nothing says ‘I’m regular’ like making yourself a taco and eating it in an exaggerated way.

Isn’t it strange that Piolin is broadcasting her consumption of food and photographers are on hand to snap these pics?

That’s probably the first taco she has had in years. This chica is a flacuchenta!


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Laura Forgot To Pay Her House

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.22.2007 - Celebrity Blunder, Chisme

laura.jpgLaura Bozzo‘s vacation home in Peru was put up for foreclosure due to payment default. The home, valued at 500 thousand dollars, is apparently being sold by the bank for 82 thousand dollars, which is the money La Señora Laura owes.

Laura says that she forgot she owed that money since she now lives in Miami, but that she has taken care of everything and that the house will not be sold by the bank.

Either way, many are claiming that Laura is going through some tough financial times – which makes all the people she put behind bars very happy.