Julion Alvarez Hand Damaged While Playing With His Bull

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.03.2016 - Julion Alvarez

julionJulion Alvarez‘s hand was injured while playing with one of his bulls.

Apparently he went to pet his bull and it turned so violently that it damaged his hand.

The singer was operated on and a screw was placed in one of his fingers.

He says he plans on getting back to work ASAP and reports that his hand was destroyed are grossly exaggerated.

Salma Hayek Dedicates Day of Dead Altar to Pets

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.03.2016 - Salma Hayek

salmahayekSalma Hayek got into Day of the Dead – but for her animals.

She made a special altar for her horses Pepe and Blosie – their ashes are in the wooden boxes.

Her dogs Gucci and Mozart are in the little wooden and tin box as well.

Who says DOTD can’t be for pets?

Alfonso Cuaron Movie Upsets Mexican Town

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.03.2016 - Alfonso Cuaron

Variety Fandango Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada - 14 Sep 2015Alfonso Cuaron is causing a ruckus in Mexico.

He is shooting a movie in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico and he is upsetting the neighborhood.

Alfonso was allowed to shoot in the town, but according to officials, the production team shut down more streets than they were allowed to.

People started complaining and city delegates had to step in and put a pause on the shoot.

For now, Alfonso’s team and the city of Cuauhtemoc are working things out.

Cristian Castro Met His Father After Daughter Was Born

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.03.2016 - Cristian Castro

cristiancastrolocovaldezCristian Castro revealed that he didn’t meet his father, Ramon Valdes, until he was a grown man.

He explains that he waited until he was in his 30s when his daughter was born to come face-to-face with his dad.

Cristian says he was afraid to meet him but decided that it was important for his girl to have a grandfather in her life.

He asked around for his father’s telephone number and reached out for his daughter.

Belinda Rumored to be Hooking Up With Criss Angel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.02.2016 - Belinda

belindacrissangelAre Belinda and Criss Angel an item??

“TV Notas” reports that the Mexican singer and the illusionist started dating three months ago.

Apparently, she got the VIP treatment when she went to see his show in Las Vegas with some friends – and since then they have been hooking up.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the two made headlines – not for anything romantic – but for a cool levitating trick.

We should point out that Belinda, just a few days ago, said that she doesn’t have time for a relationship because she is fully focused on her next album.