Flex is Back With a New Album

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.10.2015 - Chisme

flexHere’s a blast from the past!

Flex is trying to make his way back into the charts.

Remember he hit it HUGE several years ago with “Te Quiero” so perhaps this is his moment to relive the success and glory.

His new album is called “Seduction” and he said this about the new production:

“I’m amazed at every single person out there—be it friends in the industry, music critics, DJ’s, editors, and my wonderful fans—who have supported me, shown me love and a warm welcome after all this time. Thank you for understanding and respecting my creative process and showing me now that you’re enjoying it. That makes it worth it.”

Nice to see him back. Hopefully people will give him a chance again.

Sin Bandera Officially Back

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.10.2015 - Sin Bandera

sin+banderaLook who is officially back together.

Sin Bandera!!!

We told you this would be happening and here it is.

Leonel Garcia and Noel Schajris confirmed the rumors during a live video feed direct from the Facebook offices.

They will be celebrating their getting back as a duo with a tour and a new album.

Welcome back, boys.

Demi Lovato Charging Ultimate Fans 10K For VIP Package

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.09.2015 - Demi Lovato

demi+nickDamn, Demi!

Singers Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are touring together and they’ve got a special VIP for the hardcore, and rich, fans.

The special “Ultimate VIP Dressing Room” package allows four guests access to a private backstage dressing room (with rider), including a backstage tour, dinner, a meet and greet with Demi and Nick, special photos and exclusive gear.

The price?? Oh, just $10,000.

Get this, if you want to see the actual concert, you’ll still need to purchase separate tickets – they’re not included.

Jose Manuel Figueroa Will Play Joan Sebastian in Novela

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.09.2015 - Joan Sebastian, Jose Manuel Figueroa

jose+manuelJose Manuel Figueroa will be playing Joan Sebastian after all.

Televisa is preparing a show on the life of the legendary singer and his son will be the lead role.

Jose Manuel initially was against the idea because he’s not an actor and because of the emotional effect it could have on him to act as his father for a telenovela.

Producer Carla Estrada somehow convinced him, but JMF is aware that some scenes are going to affect him psychologically more than others.

By the way, Joan’s other son, Julian Figueroa, will also be playing Joan in the novela – but obviously in his younger years.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Shades of Blue Trailer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.09.2015 - Jennifer Lopez

jloJennifer Lopez has released the full trailer of her new television series “Shades of Blue.”

The cop drama will be premiering soon on NBC and she is excited to have everyone see her as an officer of the law.

We checked out the clip and it doesn’t look half bad!!

CLICK HERE to see.

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