Rodrigo y Gabriela Get Documentary Treatment

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.16.2015 - Chisme

rodrigoRodrigo y Gabriela have a very interesting and unique story to tell.

They so wanted to pursue their dreams of being musicians that they left Mexico for Ireland and that’s where they learned from the streets and the music industry.

Today they are two of the most famous guitar players in the world.

Now they share a bit of their journey in a documentary called “For those About to Rock.”

The cameras follow Rodrigo y Gabriela and give us a glimpse of the lives of these true musicians.

Nicky Jam Buys Himself Lamborghini as Christmas Gift

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.16.2015 - Nicky Jam

lamboNicky Jam just bought someone a sick Christmas gift.

The Puerto Rican urban music star purchased a Lamborghini for…himself.

He says he got the ultra-expensive car as a gift to himself for the holidays – saying he is always buying things for others and it was his turn to be spoiled. We don’t blame him!

Hola, bebé!

Pope Francis First Selfie is a Fake

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2015 - Politica

popeThis was billed as Pope Francis’ “first selfie.”

It drew thousands of likes and hundreds of comments after it was posted to an Instagram account bearing the Vatican’s name.

Guess what?? It’s a fake!

According to Mashable, it is, in fact, “a holy fake.”

The image of the smiling pontiff was taken from a video chat Francis participated in last year.

So then…where is the first selfie??

Roselyn Sanchez Clarifies Donald Trump No Longer With Miss Universe

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2015 - Roselyn Sanchez

roselynSome people are confused as to why Roselyn Sanchez is cohosting the Miss Universe competition when, just a few months ago, backed out of Donald Trump’s Miss USA Pageant as co-host after his remarks about Mexican immigrants in the Unites States.

Here’s the thing. Donald no longer owns Miss Universe. He sold his share in the business and that’s why she accepted the gig.

She wrote the following on Instagram:

“QUE QUEDE CLARO ya que veo a gente imprudente comentando sin saber, la única razón por la cual acepte la responsabilidad de participar en el Miss Universe Pageant es pq el individuo Trump NO TIENE NADA QUE VER CON EL EVENTO. La producción fue adquirida por otra compañía y el concepto será nuevo… Inclusive, el canal es otro. Ahora se transmitirá por Fox. Si esa persona todavía estuviera envuelta en el certamen JAMÁS participaría. Yo soy persona de palabra, clara, honesta y no me gustan las estupideces ni las malas desiciones por dinero o por exposición. HE DICHO..”

Roselyn Sanchez Cohosting Miss Universe

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.15.2015 - Roselyn Sanchez

roselynRoselyn Sanchez is getting her hosting side on again!

It has been announced that she will be a co-host at the next Miss Universe competition.

She will report behind-the-scenes at the glamorous pageant – getting interviews from the girls and have all access to everything happening off the stage as well.

She’s a beauty who will probably outshine some of the girls! Just saying.