Draco Rosa Writes Book About Nutrition Based on Plants

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.07.2015 - Draco Rosa

dracoDraco Rosa is coming out with a book.

While getting treatment for cancer, Draco discovered the benefits of nutrition – based on plants.

He was helped by a nutritionist who also battled cancer and together they wrote the book.

It’s called “El Secreto De La Vida a Base De Plantas”.

Draco says he doesn’t pretend to be a doctor, instead he simply wants to shared what he learned through this process and what has helped him in the battle against cancer.

Juan Gabriel Biographical TV Series on Telemundo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.07.2015 - Juan Gabriel

juan+gabrielJuan Gabriel‘s life on Telemundo!

The network announced the acquisition of “Hasta Que Te Conocí”, a biographical TV series based on the life of Juanga.

The series will tell the real-life story of one of the iconic singer-songwriters.

Viewers will get a rare look into the man behind the music and discover the human aspect of the star that has conquered the hearts of audiences throughout the world.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this exclusive series to our viewers here in the US,” said Jesus Torres-Viera, Executive Vice President of Programming at TELEMUNDO. “Juan Gabriel is a huge icon for them and his music and life have been a part of all of us no matter what country we are from.”

“This series about my life, which is being scripted, I’m doing it with love, with much gratitude to everyone who has participated in my life as Juan Gabriel,” commented the singer. “I want it to be a beautiful memory; that is my wish.”

This should be good!!!

Thalia Writes Letter to Kids For TIME Magazine

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.07.2015 - Thalia

thaliaIn celebration of Mother’s Day, “TIME” magazine published a series of “Letter From Mom” and included Thalia in the feature.

CLICK HERE to see what she wrote Sabrina and Matthew:

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Alejandro Sanz a Judge on La Banda

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.07.2015 - Alejandro Sanz, Televisión

sanzThe third judge of “La Banda” has been revealed!

Alejandro Sanz joins Univision’s highly anticipated reality entertainment competition, set to premiere September 2015.

Alejandro, along with fellow judges Ricky Martin and Laura Pausini and the entire “La Banda” team will focus on finding the ultimate Latino super group.

What do you think about the judge’s panel??

Lorena Rojas Sister Mayra Rojas Poses Naked For Playboy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.06.2015 - Chisme

mayraUm, ok.

Lorena Rojas‘ sister, Mayra Rojas, is on the cover of “Playboy Mexico”.

Mayra has decided to pose naked for the magazine and apparently it has always been in her plans to do so.

Lorena passed away of breast cancer in February – and Mayra now has custody of her daughter.

Mayra says Lorena knew that she wanted to pose naked for “Playboy”, so she says in a way Lorena was present for the photos.

Still, we’re just going to say it, it feels weird. Like ‘fame seeking’ weird.