Yuridia Gets Plastic Surgery on Face

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.05.2013 - Cosmetic Surgery, Yuridia

yuridiaYuridia went under the knife…this according to “TVNotas”.

The mag got this photo of the singer post-operation.

She supposedly got her nose, cheeks, and neck done! That’s a whole new Yuridia!

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Sofia Vergara Once Again Top-Earning Actress On Television

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.05.2013 - Sofia Vergara

sofia+vergaraSofia Vergara should substitute the ‘S’ in her name to a dolla dolla sign!

She is the top-earning actress on television for a second year in a row.

Her earnings over the past year reached 30 million dollars – making her far and away the highest-paid actress on prime time.

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Vicente Fernandez Dead Woman Found at Texas Home

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.05.2013 - Vicente Fernandez

vicente+fernandezWhat in the hell?

The body of a woman was found in Vicente Fernandez‘s home in Texas!

Neighbors who keep an eye on the house notice the dead person and immediately called the authorities.

Details are still unknown at this time.

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David Bisbal Back With Model Girlfriend

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.05.2013 - David Bisbal

U220344Zuleyka Rivera who??!

After things didn’t work out with her, David Bisbal was back to being single.

We say WAS because it looks like he may not longer be single for the moment.

Spanish media reports that he has reconciled with Raquel Jimenez, his model girlfriend prior to Zuleyka.

He’s quick, no?

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Miguelito Wants to Now be Called MTO

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.05.2013 - Chisme

miguelito+mtoHe’s 14 now which means he’s probably hating that everyone calls him Miguelito – the ‘ito’ part indicating he is a little boy.

Actually, the young music star has changed his name!

According to LaTeenGossip.com, he now wants to go by the name MTO.

If you’re not feeling it there’s always “the artist formerly known as Miguelito”.

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