Andres Garcia Home Broken Into and Cleaned Out

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.03.2017 - Andres Garcia

andresgarciaAndres Garcia‘s home was broken into and the thieves got away with almost everything.

The actor’s home in Mexico City was the scene of a robbery as masked men made their way into the mansion that is styled like a castle.

Andres was in Acapulco at the time – but he says he wishes he was home to “fill the robbers with bullets.”

The criminals stole televisions, home appliances, watches, jewelry, clothes, and shoes…all in all it’s being said they took about 200,000 dollars worth of items.

Belinda and Criss Angel Kick Off 2017 With Public Love Messages

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.03.2017 - Belinda

belindacrissangelBelinda and Criss Angel gave each other public lovey dovey messages to start off the new year.

The singer and magician sent words to one another on Twitter – with Beli kicking off the romantic feast for everyone to enjoy.

She said “De las cosas más bonitas que me pasó este año fue conocer a Criss Angel que me enseñó a no juzgar a las personas sin antes conocerlas. Happy new year Criss mi amor!”

To which he responded “Happy New Year Belinda Mi Amor! Your the love of my life!!! I’ve never loved anyone before you. You make me want to be the best man I’m capable of. Your amazing- “Real Magic” Pure Love Forever Mi Amor.”

Does this make your heart pitter-patter or your stomach turn?

Lolita Ayala Says Getting Let Go by Televisa Hurt

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.03.2017 - Televisión

lolitaayalaLolita Ayala is now opening up about being let go by Televisa after decades of working at the TV network.

At first, the journalist kept everything PC – but now she is being more honest about getting canned.

“Por supuesto fue una sorpresa desagradable, me dolió, porque como te dije antes, 45 años diario… dejas ahí tu vida, tu corazón, pero el tiempo todo lo cura,” she told “Ventaneando.”

She also said she doesn’t see herself going back to Televisa because “that cycle has closed.”

Lisardo is Out and Paul Stanley is In at Hoy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.03.2017 - Televisión

paulstanleylisardoChanges at “Hoy” – Lisardo is out and Paul Stanley is in!

The Spanish actor announced he would be leaving the morning show and it was simultaneously revealed that Paul would be taking his place.

It was a sort of passing of the baton…but with saliva. Paul and Lisardo gave each other a quick peck on the lips to make the transition official.

Paul used to be a host on the show several years ago so he knows very well what he’s getting into to.

Victor Ortiz Hit With DUI Charges

by Latin Gossip Staff on 01.03.2017 - Deportes

victorortizFormer welterweight champion Victor Ortiz has reportedly been charged with two counts of driving under the influence after being arrested last year.

That’s according to TMZ, who reported the boxer was detained on September 24th in Ventura County, California, by police, who smelled alcohol in his vehicle after he was stopped.

In the report it’s suggested that the 29-year-old had a blood alcohol content of 0.15, which is said to trigger a “special allegation.” It means that should he be convicted, Victor would be looking at higher fines and longer jail time than a standard DUI offense.

Additionally, it’s noted Victor is currently on probation due to a battery offense from 2015. “If Ortiz’s probation is revoked because of the DUI—the judge could have him locked up,” per TMZ.

Not the best way to start the year.