Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo Escape to the North Pole

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.12.2013 - Alessandra Rosaldo, Eugenio Derbez

alejandra+eugenioEugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo were on top of the world…literally!

They escaped a few days to the North Pole!

“Hola” has the exclusive pics of their snowy getaway and obviously it was freezing!!

Hmmm. Wonder how these two kept warm at night!

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William Levy Buys His Mom a House

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.11.2013 - William Levy

william+levyWilliam Levy did good with his mama!

It’s being reported that he bought his mother a house worth 200 thousand dollars in the Hialeah Gardens town of Miami.

It consists of two stories, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

This comes after buying her a car and telling her not to work anymore.

That’s a good son!

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Salma Hayek Will Visit Mexico, Not Live There

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.11.2013 - Salma Hayek

salmaWould Salma Hayek ever live in Mexico again??

Televisa Espectaculos asked her this question and Salma said:

“I don’t think so. I am married with a French man. When you get married it becomes more difficult, but I go back to visit.”

We each have our reasons and plans – plus, we’re sure she’s living just fabulously with her billionaire beau in Los Angeles and Paris!

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Franco De Vita Skips His Own Press Conference

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.11.2013 - Franco De Vita, Victor Manuelle


Franco De Vita held a press conference in Mexico City to share news about his new album.

He also invited the special guest artists he has singing on his album.

So, the press showed up, his famous friends – like Gian Marco and Victor Manuelle – showed up, fans showed up…but you know who didn’t??

Franco De Vita!!!

His guests laughed it off saying Franco gave them the spotlight – but bottom line it’s plain rude and unprofessional.

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Eva Longoria and New Boyfriend Check Out Paris

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.11.2013 - Eva Longoria

eva-longoriaTaking their love internationally!

Eva Longoria and her new boyfriend Ernesto Arguello visited Paris a few days ago to romanticize themselves even more!

Here they are checking out Notre Dame – and we’re sure they did some more checking out in private!

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