Daddy Yankee For Ex-Convicts

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.21.2007 - Daddy Yankee

daddy1.jpgDaddy Yankee announced that he has started a foundation called Corazon Guerrero which is set up to help ex-convicts.

He says that he relates to these troubled people, and wants to give them another chance at not falling in life again.

Los Tres Caballeros

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.21.2007 - Chisme

tres.jpgAlfonso Cuaron, Guillermo Del Toro, and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu have signed a deal with Universal worth 100 million dollars.

The trio will produce and direct films for the studio under their newly formed company, named Cha Cha Cha.

They should have called it Cha Cha Cha-ching!

Three more Latinos solidifying their careers in Hollywood!

We’re Feeling Chongalicious

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2007 - Musica

We love all of the Latinas out there. The snobs, the fatties, the skinnies, the blondes, the blacks…and, yes, the chongas.

This video/song of the Chonga Girls has made its way around Miami – if you haven’t seen it, get your Sharpie lipliner out and be prepared to laugh.

RBD With President Lula

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2007 - RBD

rbd1.jpg We’ve known that RBD has a stronghold over Brazil for quite some time, but we didn’t know it was this strong!

We heard a little while ago (yes, this is old) that the RBD-ers were in Brazil hanging with President Lula and here we finally see the pictures of their rendezvous.

More pics after the jump.

PS – Are Christian and Christopher using SPF 3000?
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Ricky Doesn’t Cancel Miami

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.20.2007 - Ricky Martin

After Ricky Martin canceled several concerts due to a back injury, it was uncertain whether he would perform in Miami last night or not. He rocked the house in what he calls his ‘home away from home’. He said:

“The doctor told me to cancel tonight. I said ‘Are you crazy?’”

Present at the concert: Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Giselle Blondet, and Lili Estefan.

[Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]