Adamari Lopez Says Mexican Actress Has Breast Cancer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.02.2008 - Adamari Lopez

ada.jpgOh my gosh.

Adamari Lopez has revealed that a Mexican actress friend of hers has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ada said that her friend isn’t quite ready to talk to the press about her ordeal and in the meantime tells her to stay strong.

Who can it be???

Whoever it is, we wish them a quick recovery.

Sabrina Sabrok Spits On Jorge Lafauci

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.02.2008 - Chisme

sabrina.JPGClick above to view video.

Sabrina Sabrok, the human blow-up doll, stirred up some drama on television.

She was expelled from Argentina’s version of Bailando Por Un Sueño for spitting on Jorge Lafauci, one of the judges.

Sabrina says that she did it in the name of all Mexicans.

For those that don’t know, Jorge made headlines some time ago when he said that Mexicans are the ugliest people on the planet, which he later apologized for.

CLICK HERE to watch it all unfold.

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Joel Lizarraga Has a Baby Boy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.02.2008 - Chisme

joel.jpgCongratulations to La Banda El Recodo member Joel Lizarraga on the birth of his baby boy named Diego Joel.

Welcome to this crazy world, DJ!

Lucero and Rogelio Guerra Will Play a Couple

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.02.2008 - Novelas

lucero.jpgInteresting casting choice.

Rogelio Guerra and Lucero will be romantically involved in the upcoming telenovela Mañana es Para Siempre.

Rogelio is 72. Lucero is 39.

He may be older, but he’s a lot more hip than she is.

RBD Fan Brands Herself

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.02.2008 - RBD

rbd.jpgWe know AB Quintanilla is regretting his tattoo…but it’s nothing compared to this!

Some poor girl actually tattooed this giant RBD crest on her back.

RBD fan or not, we can all agree that this is not the smartest move to make.

That tattoo is going to majorly suck a couple of years from now.