Quotes : Dulce Maria

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2008 - Quotes, RBD


“We thank the fans so much for their support, it is sad that it is the beginning of the end. But it was a decision made by all six and it is a bit strange to call out what you [arranged]. It’s already been decided.”

- Dulce Maria talks to Reforma about Anahi and the protests that her buddy has organized.

Jenni Rivera Keeps Her Word

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2008 - The Riveras

jenri.jpgIt’s all good.

Jenni Rivera
has come through with her end of the bargain, and has no more issues with the fan she hit at a concert.

It was all just a mix-up. The fan is said to be very happy with Jenni now.

RBD Protests Already Underway

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.19.2008 - RBD

rbdvid.jpgClick above to view video.

We may not like the band, but we’ve got to give it up to their fans…they sure are persistent and loud.

RBD fans have already gathered in different parts of the world to march and protest the disintegration of the group.

There’s another big expected protest this Saturday in New York City that begins in Central Park and ends at the doors of the RBD-ers’ record label. Oh boy!

Anahi, look at what you started!

CLICK HERE to see video of the march.

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Jenni Rivera Still Hasn’t Paid Up

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.19.2008 - The Riveras

jennir.jpgJenni Rivera was supposed to have made up with the concert-goer she hit with a microphone.

The deal was that the abused was going to drop the charges and lawsuit because Jenni was going to pay him AND provide an all expense paid trip to her concert for his family.

Jenni did pay for their trip, but has still not paid up the amount that she promised – BUT we think she needs a few days to get that taken care of.

Fulfill your end of the bargain, Jenni…don’t give us reason to talk smack about you!

PS – The poor family was heckled at the concert by Jenni’s fans, but we don’t think that’s her fault? Is it?

UPDATE: Jenni did keep her word and there is no more beef with the fan or his familia.

Jennifer Lopez In Self Magazine Talking Triathlon

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.19.2008 - Jennifer Lopez

jenlop.jpgJennifer Lopez not only shines on the cover of the latest issue of Self magazine, but she is also writing a blog on the mag’s website about her training for a triathlon.

That’s right…Jennifer is preparing for a triathlon.

What are her expectations? Realistic. She says:

“I don’t expect to win this race; my goal is to finish. I’ll probably end up crawling across the finish line, but I’ll do it!”

Go Jen! We’ll be rooting for you!!!