Lucia Mendez Signs With Sony Records

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2009 - Chisme

lucia.jpgGet ready to hear from Lucia Mendez!

Word is that she got signed to Sony Records!

That’s right! It looks like she got herself another record deal.

Excited or not really?

Eva Longoria Spreading Her Beso

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2009 - Eva Longoria

eva.jpgEva Longoria is expanding her empire.

Her restaurant Beso, located in Los Angeles, has proven so successful that she is going to take that same idea and menu to Las Vegas with a locale named Beso Vegas.

She is also looking to open up smaller eateries at airports around the country and since they are going to have a limited menu, she is going to name them Besitos.

Yum! Beso is delicious and fun so we’re behind this all the way!

Niurka Marcos and Javier Ceriani an Item?

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2009 - Niurka Marcos

niurkajavi.jpgNiurka Marcos and Javier Ceriani got it on??

We were sent this pic by an anonymous source who says that she saw Niurka and Javi being all love-dovey and making out at a restaurant.

She was sitting next to them and was able to snap this photo as they went in to lock lips.

Obviously, this was taken before Niurka shaved her head.

Niurka apparently mentioned that she had a boyfriend and he was Argentine…could it be Javi?

So, are they an item or not? Friends with benefits? Or are they just being silly?

El Flaco Elizalde Says El Loco Elizalde Not Related

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2009 - Chisme

Picture 5.jpgWas El Loco Elizalde, who was killed this weekend, a family member of Valentin Elizalde‘s? Looks like no.

Jesus ‘El Flaco’ Elizalde spoke with NXclusiva and said:

“I feel bad for his family but he is not a relative, perhaps he used the last name Elizalde to work.”

Galilea Montijo Denies Pregnancy Rumor

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2009 - Chisme

gali.jpgIt was rumored in recent days that Galilea Montijo is pregnant, but she is denying it now that she is back from her vacation.

“That was my limit, getting asked if I am pregnant, why I gained a few pounds, because of food, my vacation, it’s my sixth pregnancy.”

Basically, she ate too much on vacay. It’s embarrassing to be have it pointed that you gained weight.

Being famosa sometimes stinks.

Anyway, she also says she is planning a wedding as has also been rumored in recent days.