Escuchame : Noelia – Caribbean Queen Reloaded

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.13.2008 - Musica

Noelia-Cover-Single-Final.jpgShe’s baaack!

Noelia returns with a remake of Billy Ocean‘s Caribbean Queen.

It’s nostalgic and enjoyable and those that don’t know the original should be in for a treat.

Her version toys with Britney-esque breathing and sultriness…and it works.

In The Heights…In The Zone

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.13.2008 - Chisme

heights.jpgIn The Heights, the Broadway play about Latino families in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, received 13 Tony nominations! The most of any play this year!

Congrats to everyone involved in the show on stage and behind the scenes…we have been trying to head up to see it since it opened, and we hope to check it out next month during our visit to the NYC.

Journalist Goes for Luis Miguel’s Lips

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.13.2008 - Luis Miguel

luismi2.jpgClick above to view video.

Give a skank an inch and she’ll take 14 miles.

A journalist asked Luis Miguel for a kiss, and he begrudgingly obliged, and the atrevida tricked him by kissing him on the lips.

…and then we wonder why he hates the press.

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Fanny Lu To Receive Key To Coral Gables

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.13.2008 - Chisme

fanny.jpgToday, Fanny Lu will receive the key to the city of Coral Gables in South Florida.

What does it take to get a key to the city? We want one!


Aleks Syntek and Kylie Minogue To Share Stage

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.13.2008 - Chisme

alekskylie.jpgDon’t be surprised to see Aleks Syntek and Kylie Minogue performing together in the near future.

The hot Australianite has asked Aleks to join her on stage next time she is in Mexico.

The two have worked together (he wrote the track In My Arms on her latest album), but they have never met in person.

THAT is something we can’t wait to see!