Miguel Bose Criticizes Miners Rescue in Chile

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.24.2010 - Miguel Bose

97532874We love Miguel Bose for many reasons…one of them being that he always speaks his mind.

The singer is in Chile but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a word or two for the President of that country.

Miguel thinks that the miners rescue was turned into a reality show and that the real happy ending will come when the people responsible are taken to court and made to pay.

We have to say we totally agree!

Itati Cantoral Goes Zebra For Open Magazine

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.24.2010 - Itati Cantoral

itati-cantoral-revista-open-606x780Itati Cantoral is on the cover of the latest issue of Open magazine.

Zebra dress, revealing shoulders, and low cut cleavage…could we be seeing a renaissance of her own just like Lucero??

We’re all for it!!

Alejandro Sanz Talks of Fear & Threats in Venezuela

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.24.2010 - Alejandro Sanz

alejandro-sanz-fotografiaAlejandro Sanz performed in Venezuela for the first time in six years.

He and President Hugo Chavez have had a rocky past and the Venezuelan leader prohibited him from performing in the country.

Even though Alejandro said he wouldn’t get political, we all knew he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet for too long about the situation in VZ. He said:

“You can’t govern using fear and threats, and I saw a lot of that in Venezuela.”

While that is very true, don’t expect an invitation back from Hugorilla.

Jennifer Lopez & Twins at Gucci Kids Launch

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.23.2010 - Jennifer Lopez

jenniferlopez-emme1-zSo cute!!

Jennifer Lopez is keeping busy busy busy and this time her kids are coming along with her.

Max, Emme, and mommy showed up to the launch of Gucci’s kids line since they are the faces of the new campaign.

Loving Max’s sneaks and Emme’s face paint!!


Alejandro Chaban Becomes Eva Luna’s Breakout Star

by Latin Gossip Staff on 11.23.2010 - Alejandro Chaban

alejandrokenIt’s the audience that has the final word.

The breakout star of Univision’s new novela Eva Luna is Alejandro Chaban.

Reports are coming in that people are asking to see more and more of Alejandro’s storyline with each episode that airs.

Alejandro plays a charming thief named Tony so it’s safe to call this growing interest Tony-mania!

BUT that’s not the only thing they want! Word is that fans want an Alejandro-like Ken doll based off of his super defined abs!!

Barbie could soon have a hot Latino companion…much more fun than a bland Ken.