La Mafia VS Kumbia All Starz

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.20.2008 - AB Quintanilla

ab.jpgClick above to view video.

In a recent show, Oscar De La Rosa of La Mafia challenged AB Quintanilla and Kumbia All Starz to a musical duel.

Not only does AB accept…he makes a wacked-out video and proposes a date (August 2nd) for the musical battle. Did we mention that he is dressed up as a knight as he does this?

Not typical behavior for a man in his 40′s, right?

Anyway, it seems that we can count on a battle between La Mafia and KAS happening sometime soon. Who do you think will come out on top?

CLICK HERE to see the video where Oscar challenges AB, plus the video with AB going on some crazy rant.

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Shakira Will Have a Star in Hollywood Walk of Fame

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.20.2008 - Cameron Diaz, Shakira

shak.jpgShakira is going to have her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Out of all the entries that were submitted only a select few are honored with a star and Shakis is in!

WOWOWOW! We are so proud! Represent!

On a similar note, Cameron Diaz was also chosen to receive a star!

They both deserve it!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Travel With Babies

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.19.2008 - Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

jenmarc.jpgJennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony landed in Belgium today via private jet with Max and Emme in tow.

Jennifer walked down the steps of the plane with Emme in her arms, and scared onlookers since she was rocking high high heels, but Jen’s apparently a pro at that and walked down just fine.

Damn…we want to be Max or Emme.

Judge Threatens Alejandro Sanz With Jail

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.19.2008 - Alejandro Sanz

ale1.jpgThere is a chance Alejandro Sanz could go to jail!

The judge handling the extortion case against two of his former employees is mad mad mad that Ale has not showed up to court to testify against them.

The judge mentioned that if Ale doesn’t show up next time, he will place an order for his arrest!

Ale’s excuse is that he is out of the country busy with work. The judge doesn’t care, saying that the singer shouldn’t have started the legal process if he couldn’t commit to showing up. Very true!

Ale, you better be present next time. You’re too cute for jail. Your corazon won’t be the only thing that’ll be partido.

Latin Gossip Vault

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.19.2008 - Latin Gossip Vault

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