Officially Official : Fernando Del Rincon & New Buddies

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.06.2009 - Chisme

13877_1.jpgThey aren’t wasting any time.

Fernando Del Rincon in this promo photo with his new coworkers from Paparazzi TV Sensacional.

It must be a bit awkward for everyone involved knowing that they uncovered so much juice from his divorce.

Do you think Fernando will spill intimate info he knows about his friends from Univision?

Joan Sebastian Invites Lucy Moreno on Stage

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.06.2009 - Chisme

lucy.jpgClick above to view video.

Lucy Moreno, our Texas correspondent, is a big beautiful lady and all of the famosos love her.

She recently attended a Joan Sebastian concert and the legend invited her on stage to dedicate a song to her.

CLICK HERE to watch the gorda love that he gave our very own Lucy!

Shake it!

Much love to all of the women, of all sizes, who read!

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Gunshots Fired at Gisele Bundchen’s Wedding

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.06.2009 - Celebrity Weddings

gisele1_1379353c1.jpgGisele Bundchen and Tom Brady married once again in her home in Costa Rica, but this time things didn’t go so smoothly.

The couple’s security found two paparazzi taking pics and asked for their memory cards.

The photogs refused to hand them over and made a run for it to their vehicle.

That’s when they claim that security shot at them, shattering the back windshield of their car!


We can understand wanting to have some privacy, but this is ridiculous!

Mexico Hearts Wisin y Yandel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.06.2009 - Chisme

IMG_7730.jpgWe jam out strong to Me Estas Tentando and it seems that all of you in Mexico do so as well!

Wisin y Yandel performed for 18,000 of their loudest fans in Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes.

Of their success in Mexico, Wisin said:

“We are so grateful with the love that we have received from the Mexican public. You guys are now part of our family and our history.”

To which Yandel added:

“To feel that our music is accepted in a country where many though that we wouldn’t succeed is a great honor and something that we will never forget. Thank you!”


Latin Gossip Vault

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.05.2009 - Latin Gossip Vault

vault1.jpgClicky Clicky to open the Latin Gossip Vault and hear a song from a few years back.

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