Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Protective in Chile

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2009 - Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

jenmarc.jpgDamn, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony don’t play around.

They are going to Chile together to perform in two concerts and their security detail is on full high scale watch for it.

The Chilean press reports that Jennifer and Marc will be protected by 56 security officials and will each have two full-time bodyguards with them at all time!

They have also apparently declined every invite from the press to avoid any personal questions. As of now, they aren’t giving any interviews.

They better hope no fans get turned off by this behavior.

Juanes is Colombia’s Person of The Year

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2009 - Juanes

juan.jpgJuanes was selected as Colombia’s Person of the Year!

He was recognized for being a rocker than doesn’t fall into the stereotypes of drugs and such and for making a major impact on the world.

We second this decision!!!


Luis Fonsi Meets Barack Obama

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2009 - Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi-President Obama- Oslo For Nobel Peace Prize Concert.jpgLuis Fonsi performed in Oslo at the Nobel Peace Prize concert and got to meet President Barack Obama.

What a milestone in Fonsi’s career!

PS – No, he didn’t ask Obama to dance, like Thalia did.

[Photo: Dinamo Story]

Salma Hayek Gets Back on Sexy Slim Wagon

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2009 - Moda, Salma Hayek

salma.jpgPerfect figure! Perfect hair! Perfect…everything!

Salma Hayek proved that she is one of Hollywood’s sexiest mothers at an event over the weekend…showing off a slimmer look than we’ve seen from her lately.

Sure, she is sexy for the obvious reasons…but her confidence is by far the sexiest!

She exudes it!

Lorena Ochoa Marries…Wears a Dress

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2009 - Celebrity Weddings, Deportes

lorena.jpgWOW! We NEVER see her in a dress!

Lorena Ochoa took a break from her polo shirts and khaki shorts for the big day…her wedding!

She looks beautiful! Plus, it seems she’s been hiding a tone and trim body this while time. She should wear dresses more often!