Salma Not a Mommy Yet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.21.2007 - Salma Hayek

salma1.jpgVarious media outlets are reporting that Salma Hayek had her baby, but don’t believe it because People En Español has confirmed that she has not given birth yet – so for now we continue waiting the arrival of baby Valentina.

Ninel Fell Down The Stairs

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.21.2007 - Chisme

ninel1.jpgNinel Conde fell down the stairs and is in a wheelchair, BUT calm down…she is going to be just fine.

What we want to know is what caused her to lose her balance and fall down the stairs…was it the T or A?

Hector, Luny, and AB Collab on New Song

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.21.2007 - AB Quintanilla

hectorlunyab.jpgHector ‘El Father’, Luny, and AB Quintanilla on the set of the new video Pa’ La Tumba. We’re sure these three can create a banging track full of energy…looking forward to it.

If you had to hook up with one of these three, who would it be?

Marc and Jen Get Free KFC

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.21.2007 - Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

marcjen.jpgMarc Anthony mentioned that he loves to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken after his concerts (he actually eats?), so one of KFC’s head honchos offered him and Jennifer Lopez an ‘all access’ pass for free dinner for the couple, their entourage, and VIP guests at one of their many locations across the country when they head on tour together.

Maybe that’ll work for us, but, frankly, we prefer Chick-fil-a. Here goes…we like Chick-fil-a, in fact, we love Chick-fil-a. (we’ll keep you updated…)

Siempre Mujer’s Siempre Inspiran

by Latin Gossip Staff on 09.20.2007 - Adamari Lopez, Chisme

SMJON07CoverOffice.jpgSiempre Mujer Magazine has kicked off its second annual Siempre Inspiran feature, where they award ten women for their hands-on commitment to important causes relevant to the Hispanic community.

Adamari Lopez was not only selected among the ten women, but also graces the cover and she looks absolutely divine.

We must say that this is a pretty sweet recognition (If we were La Gossiper, we’d want this honor!) and are so happy to know that they have selected some of our favorites. Find out who these inspiring women are after the jump.

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