Belanova ‘Nada De Mas’ Sneak Peek Listen

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.27.2010 - Belanova, Musica

180089_1Click above to view video.

Belanova fans have been waiting too long for a new single from the trio.

Well, the band sent us a sneak peek of their new single Nada De Mas and, naturally, we’re sharing with all of you!

CLICK HERE for your first listen.

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EXCLUSIVE: Natalia Streignard is Pregnant

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.27.2010 - Chisme


Natalia Streignard is pregnant!!!

Yup! You heard it here first! She is preggers!


John Leguizamo Receives Keys To City of Medellin

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.27.2010 - Chisme

180037_1Click above to view video.

John Leguizamo traveled to Medellin, Colombia to host the film festival there.

He also received the keys to the city and mentioned that he plans on making movies in that South American country and advise his colleagues in the film industry to do the same.

Upon receiving the key, he posed for cameras and later joked with the reporters asking what it opens.

CLICK HERE to watch video including John’s tour of Medellin.

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Arap Bethke Stars in La Diosa Coronada

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.27.2010 - Novelas

arap2He’s back on US television.

Arap Bethke stars in the new Telemundo novela La Diosa Coronada.

He plays the evil Genaro, a womanizing businessman who nobody should trust.

Arap has become part of Telemundo’s fave actors…this is his fifth novela with them.


LatinGossip Gets Its Virgin Mobile on

by Latin Gossip Staff on 07.27.2010 - Chisme



Yay! We got our LG Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile!

Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint‘s prepaid brands, offers millions of customers control, flexibility and connectivity through Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk™ plans for mobile phone service and prepaid Broadband2Go high-speed Web access. 

Virgin Mobile branded handsets are available at more than 40,000 retail stores, including Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and RadioShack.

We’ve been taking awesome pics and calling our friends with clear reception loving the Rumor.

In fact, rumor has it we are going to be revealing a rumor very soon using our new LG Rumor Touch. Hmmm.