Pablo Montero’s Future in US Uncertain

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.04.2008 - Chisme

pablo.jpgPablo Montero‘s visa to travel to the United States is currently under review…which means it can go one of two ways…approval or denial.

Last week’s court findings will not help in his case to acquire his visa again.

See, kids…drugs are bad and can ruin your life!

Lilia Luciano on Cover of People en Español

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.03.2008 - Celebrity Weddings

lilia.jpgLilia Luciano has only been ‘famous’ for, say, six months, and she is already on the cover of People En Español???

This is their special wedding issue, and Lilia got married back in December, but oddly we hadn’t seen pictures until now.

Now we know why…homegirl has made the most of it and has given this exclu$ive to the mag. She doesn’t have an ounce of dumb in her…

Latinos United, Not Against Each Other

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.03.2008 - Chisme

iStock_000002726393XSmall.jpgTension has been brewing in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela…PLEASE no war.

That is the LAST thing our people need.

Quotes : Adamari Lopez

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.03.2008 - Adamari Lopez, Quotes


“I was in the same situation as Alan, you always thank everyone that prays for you, but it is so difficult to understand that anybody, people we love, can be taken away, with so many opportunities that they may have.”

- Adamari Lopez talks about Alan Ledesma’s death, obviously relating to the late actor since she herself had breast cancer.

Paraguay Captivated by Chayanne

by Latin Gossip Staff on 03.03.2008 - Chayanne

chayannebelly.jpgChayanne wowed his fans in Paraguay…according to national newspaper La Nacion, he captivated everyone with his charisma.

Did they mean to say captivated everyone by lifting his shirt?

Is his belly sexy or not quite? Hmm…