A Message From Siempre Mujer For Carlos Anaya

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.23.2008 - Chisme

op3.jpgLatinGossip.com correspondent Carlos Anaya, who has brought us numerous exclusive interviews with top celebrities, is featured in the new issue of Siempre Mujer.

The mag praises him for his work by saying:

Carlos Anaya is now like a part of our team. Aside from his work as a television producer and journalist (he was the exclusive reporter on Juanes’ tour for Sprint), Carlos has collaborated with Siempre Mujer on various projects. In this particular edition, Carlos lent his creative hand to the production of a show that will air on V-ME about the women we profiled in the article Voceras Del Cambio. “Everyone has something interesting to share and my mission is to shine a light on those stories”, says Anaya. Thank you Carlos for being a spokesperson of Siempre Mujer.

Sorry, Siempre Mujer, you are going to have to fight us for custody of Anaya!

Congrats, Carlos!


Thalia Has Lyme Disease

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.22.2008 - Thalia

thalia4.jpgThalia has lyme disease.

Her mother was also diagnosed with lyme disease…both are under treatment and doing fine. Guess they spend a lot of time around ticks (no, that wasn’t a jab at Tommy Mottola).

Is this why she has been missing in action?

We truly wish her the best while she deals with this.

What is Lyme disease exactly? CLICK HERE to find out.

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More Famosos Sign Bras To Fight Breast Cancer

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.22.2008 - Chayanne

54.jpgChayanne, Don Francisco, Javier Ceriani, and Alejandra Alberti join the many artists that have already signed bras that will be auctioned off for the Mayte Prida Foundation.


Daisy Fuentes & Dania Ramirez- All Class, All Latina

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.22.2008 - Moda

daisy.jpgDaisy Fuentes and HeroesDania Ramirez attended some posh Burberry party in Los Angeles and both Latinas represented when it came to looking hot yet ladylike.

Daisy decided to go with a peek-a-boo here’s-my-cleavage dress, while Dania wore a bright red dress to complement her glowing skin tone.

Well done, ladies. Well done.


Lucia Mendez in a Wheelchair

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.22.2008 - Chisme

lucia2.jpgWhat the ???

Lucia Mendez arrived in Mexico City in a wheelchair!

Is she sick or did she get some more work done?? What do you think?

What else can she get done?? Her pinky toe?