Luis Fonsi Holds Seven World Records

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.17.2018 - Luis Fonsi

fonsiLuis Fonsi has received seven Guinness records thanks to the worldwide reach of his hit ‘Despacito’!

During Tuesday’s recognition ceremony in Miami, Fonsi said he felt “very privileged” and “very surprised” to be one of the few musicians to score seven Guinness records in the same year.

“I know how difficult it is to be in the record books and to compare what this song has achieved with others who were anthems to me and artists who were teachers to me, it is unbelievable or relatively close to what they have achieved, “said Fonsi in an interview with Efe before the event.

With “Despacito” Fonsi broke the Guinness record because he was the “most-heard song in the world”, it was the first video to exceed the 5 billion views on YouTube, and the song with more weeks Ranked # 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs List.

Record holder SEVEN times over!

Chiquis Rivera Was Hospitalized Due to Incurable Desease

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.17.2018 - Chiquis Rivera

chiquisIt appears Chiquis Rivera suffers from an incurable desease.

As you know, the singer was hospitalized right before one of her concerts – and it seemed serious.

Her sister, Jenicka denied that it was a publicity stunt and her boyfriend, Lorenzo Mendez revealed that it could be an ongoing issue with her ovaries.

According to a source that spoke with ‘People En Español’, it’s endometriosis, which is often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it.

Chiquen underwent surgery and she is calling this a wake up call for her.

Cardi B Teases About Second Pregnancy

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.16.2018 - Cardi B

cardiCardi B just gave birth to her daughter three months ago, but she got her fans whirled about baby number two.

She asked “Would ya be mad at me if I get pregnant again?”

Fans reacted rapidly saying they hadn’t even seen her baby’s face yet, or that it was fine as long as she was referring to a new album.

Cardi expressed her concern about the backlash she received about her first pregnancy because people told her the timing wasn’t right or that it would be hard for her to make it after giving birth.

She’s proved everyone wrong, so maybe she does feel ready for a second pregnancy. With her, we just never know.

Jennifer Lopez Releases Workout Clothing Line

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.16.2018 - Jennifer Lopez

jloJennifer Lopez has many products and many ventures and she just launched a few more.

She got together with a clothing brand to release a line of leggings and sports bras.

The line features lyrics of her songs and her face in colorful prints and designs.

The bras go for $58 and the leggings for $88.

By the way, did you see those abs?

Carlos Vela Accused of Flirting With Transgender Woman

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.16.2018 - Deportes

carlosCarlos Vela was accused of reaching out to transgender woman on social media and she put him on blast.

Alee Salinas shared screen shots of an alleged conversation between her and the soccer player where he informs her he’ll be in Guadalajara and invites her to go out.

She responds by saying she doesn’t go out with married men especially if they have kids. After she exposes him, he supposedly questions her about why she did that and says he invited her “en buena onda.”

Carlos is denying it all and made a statement. He said it would be the only time he would address the issue.

“Quiero utilizer este medio, mismo donde se me ha querido difamar. Una persona que no tengo la menor idea quien sea y jamas he contactado por ningun medio, ha utilizado la tecnologia para lograr algun objetivo personal. Respeto a todas las personas en sus creencias religiosas, politicas y preferencias personales. Lo que esta mal es que la gente busque llegar a obtener algo utilizando a personas con imagen publica.
Esto es una verdadera lastima, gente sin escrúpulos que no le importa hacer daño con tal de lograr sus objetivos. Para mi es imposible viajar a ningun lado que no sea con el club para el cual trabajo, inclusive no he podido asistir a las convocatorias de la seleccion nacional por cumplir con mis compromisos en el LAFC.
Ojala y esta persona logre lo que busca por los medios y formas correctas. No le deseo mal a nadie y menos a un ser humano.
Hoy les puedo decir que tengo una familia maravillosa y nada ni nadie, va a lograr hacerme daño y mucho menos con estas intenciones.”

Alee also posted screenshots of conversations she apparently had with Bad Bunny.