Don Omar Says He Never Had Scheduled Interview With Jackie Guerrido

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2017 - Don Omar, Jackie Guerrido

don+omarDon Omar has an explanation for why he never did an interview with Jackie Guerrido last month. He says the interview was never set up!

He told “Suelta la Sopa” that there was never a chat with her on his schedule.

“Yo creo que nadie dentro de mi equipo de trabajo haya coordinado la entrevista con mi exesposa. Yo creo que ella y yo todavía tenemos toda la confianza del mundo de hacernos saber si tenemos trabajo juntos. Ese día me la pasé todo el tiempo en Univision y en ningún momento se me habló de compartir entrevista con quien fuera mi esposa. Se tomó como un desplante de mi parte, pero no lo fue.”

Someone dropped the ball! Was it him or her??

Marjorie De Sousa Wins Legal Battle Against Julian Gil

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2017 - Julian Gil, Marjorie de Sousa

marjorie+julianMarjorie De Sousa has come out victorious in the legal battle with Julian Gil.

She will have custody of their son, Matias – and he will only get to see the baby once a week for one hour in a government office.

Julian must also give 20% of his salary to Marjorie for child support.

The judge also said the actor cannot post or provide photos or videos of his child. If he does publish anything, he will be subject to a fine.

Julian is obviously disappointment in the judgement and plans on appealing.

William Levy Attends Daughter’s First Dance as Her Date

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2017 - William Levy

williamThis is adorable!!

William Levy‘s daughter, Kailey Levy, had her first dance and she took her dad as her date!

The seven-year-old looked like a princess with a white gown and a stone encrusted headpiece – but the finishing touch of the corsage was put on her by her pops.

William says it was the most special dance he has ever attended.

What a beautiful father-daughter moment.

Vicente Fernandez News He Could be Facing Liver Cancer Again

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2017 - Vicente Fernandez

vicenteVicente Fernandez is once again battling liver cancer…that’s what several media outlets in Mexico are reporting.

It’s being said that a new tumor has been discovered on his liver which has many fans worried.

However, journalist Ahtziri Cardenas is denying the news saying “¡Falso que nuestro querido @_VicenteFdez se encuentre grave. No sólo así me lo confirma personalmente la información es vieja. Sí, habla de un tumor en hígado, pero del año 2012, del que salió victorioso.”

We certainly hope so!!

Just a couple of months ago, Vicente joked on social media about the false death stories commenting “Quien me odia tanto que cada 8 días me están matando? Mejor que venga y me mate en persona!”

Los Tigres Del Norte Fined Half Million Pesos For Singing Narco Corridos

by Latin Gossip Staff on 05.24.2017 - Tigres Del Norte

tigresLos Tigres Del Norte have been fined in Mexico.

They were slapped with a 500,000 peso penalty (equivalent to roughly 26,000 dollars) for singing narco corridos in their show in Chihuahua.

It’s against the law to sing narco corridos in that city – and, ironically, the rule was put into place after the 2011 shooting that happened at a Tigres show when they sang that kind of song.

Interesting enough, the musical group was banned from Chihuahua for singing narco corridos anyway after the shooting took place – but obviously that ruling didn’t stick.

This time around officials are adamant about charging them the half million pesos for singing “Contrabando y Traicion.”