Michelle Renaud Claps Back at Those Who Call Her Son a Girl

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.17.2018 - Chisme

michelle+renaudMichelle Renaud posted a pic of her son, Marcelo, on Instagram and her fans thought he was a girl – presumably because of the long hair.

Some fans seemed to innocently say that her daughter is beautiful while others flat out told her to cut the boy’s hair.

Michelle responded with “Este es un mensaje para todas esas personas que con buena intención me mandan mensajes de que mi bebé se vería mejor con el pelo corto o literalmente me exigen que se lo corte. Tengamos un mundo mejor donde dejamos al otro ser y nos guardamos nuestras opiniones y juicios…El pelo, los tatuajes, el cuerpo, la ropa, etc no definen quienes somos. Superemos esas ganas de opinar de los demás.”

Well said!

Julian Gil Celebrates His Son Graduating College

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.17.2018 - Julian Gil

julian+gilJulian Gil is celebrating something major in his son’s life!

Julian Elias Gil graduated from Kutztown University and Julian was right there to celebrate along.

The actor flew to Pennsylvania to applaud his son as he walked the stage to receive his diploma.

Julian then took a moment to carry his baby in his arms to make us all go awww!

Maluma Criticized by Fans For Sequined Boots

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.17.2018 - Maluma

malumaMaluma is being bashed by his own fans for his choice of footwear.

The Colombian singer revealed an official image for a new song with Wisin and Yandel – but all eyes were on Maluma’s feet.

While W y Y wear sneakers, Maluma is wearing sequined boots with a heel. Many are making fun of him for them – asking ‘what are thoooose?!’

The boots are Christian Louboutin and retail for roughly 1500 dollars.

What do you think of the look??

Juan Gabriel Did Not Come Back to Life December 15th

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.17.2018 - Juan Gabriel

juangaJuan Gabriel did not come back from the dead…at least not yet.

Fans around the world were eagerly waiting to see what would happen since a supposed former manager of the singer announced that Juanga was alive and that he would reappear on December 15th.

Well, that date came and went…and nothing happened.

Turns out there is a new date. The former manager is promising that it’ll now be January 7, 2019 when Juan Gabriel shows the world that he is still alive.

Yeah yeah.

Maluma Pic With Tiger Upsets His Fans

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.14.2018 - Maluma

malumaMaluma posted a pic with a tiger that has many fans upset.

The Colombian singer posed with a baby tiger and – while the photo is a like magnet – there are many that are coming down hard on him for the image.

They claim the artist is promoting the domestication of these wild animals as pets and that he should leave the tiger to its natural habitat.

However, we should point out that Maluma was visiting a tiger refuge in Mexico that cares for these animals.