Karla Alvarez Real Cause of Death Revealed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.20.2017 - RIP

KAKarla Alvarez died almost four years ago.

Originally it had been said she died from a cardio-respiratory arrest caused by her battle with eating disorders.

Univision Entretenimiento reveals that she actually died from respiratory distress syndrome due to a viral pneumonia.

Friends and family recently got together to honor her memory, but didn’t want to speak on the matter.

Gloria Trevi Brother-in-Law Murdered

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.19.2017 - Gloria Trevi, RIP

gloria+treviGloria Trevi‘s brother-in-law was murdered.

Gerardo Gomez, the singer’s husband’s brother, was found dead by authorities in Hidalgo, Texas.

Police confirm that he was shot and killed.

His body was found on October 16th on the side of the road.

At first, it seemed that the family was trying to downplay the death by not saying he was murdered, but it is indeed a fact that he was murdered.

Shakira Accused of Bad Photoshop

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.19.2017 - Shakira

shakiraShakira is being accused of bad photoshop.

She has posted a pic to promote a new perfume but many are focusing on the retouch of the pic rather than the fragrance.

Fans point out that her neck, head, and left arm look off.

Many of her followers are disappointed in her saying she doesn’t need photoshop.

We really don’t see it…do you??

Americo Garza Says Karla Luna Daughters Call Karla Panini Mom

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.19.2017 - Chisme

karlaKarla Luna‘s daughters are now living with their father and her enemy, Karla Panini.

As you know, Karla P betrayed Karla L by stealing her man – and, after Karla L died, Americo Garza scooped up his two daughters and took them to live with him.

He talked to “TV Notas” to share pics and details about how the girls are doing.

Americo says “Las niñas tienen mucho tiempo conviviendo conmigo y mi esposa; en nuestra casa ellas tienen su propia recámara”.

In the pic, Americo poses with his daughters and Karla P and her son from a previous marriage.

He swears the girls love Karla P and even call her mom.

Pati Chapoy Blocks Solo Para Mujeres From Her Show

by Latin Gossip Staff on 10.19.2017 - Paty Chapoy

chapoyPati Chapoy is angry!!

A female reporter for her show, “Ventaneando”, got into a small physical altercation with a promoter of the show “Solo Para Mujeres” and Pati did not like it one bit.

Sergio Mayer Mori was at the all-male striptease show to support his dad who is a producer of the live male nudeness. When the show was over the “Ventaneando” reporter chased after Sergio Jr to ask him questions.

A promoter of “Solo Para Mujeres” grabbed the reporter but she fought back with words demanding he let her go.

Upon seeing the video, Pati said “¿Saben una cosa? ¡No quiero ver en este programa nada de ‘Sólo para mujeres.. ¡Ya estuvo suave! El tipo es un patán, un idiota!”

Not so good for Sergio…”Ventaneando” is a HUGE show in Mexico with a largely female audience.