Maite Perroni Does Not Want Exclusive Contracts

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.18.2017 - Maite Perroni

maiteThe entertainment business is changing and a sign of that is the elimination of exclusive contracts with major TV networks like Televisa.

Maite Perroni isn’t worried at all – in fact, she doesn’t want exclusive contracts.

Actually, she prefers to work without exclusive contracts, saying “No soy exclusiva. Es una decisión que tomé yo hace mucho tiempo, desde hace un año más o menos. Incluso antes de que hiciera la telenovela de Lichita decidí que ya no iba a continuar como exclusiva porque quería poder tomar mis propias decisiones en mi carrera”.

We get that.

Luis Fonsi Gets Diamond Award For Ten Million Suscribers

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2017 - Luis Fonsi

luis+fonsiLuis Fonsi has a major reason to celebrate…well, actually 10,000,000 reasons to celebrate!!

The Puerto Rican singer was awarded with YouTube’s Diamond award – bestowed on channels that get to the ten million subscriber mark.

The accomplishments keep on coming for Fonsi!

Paulina Rubio Pregnant Rumors Are Back Thanks to Fernando Allende

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2017 - Paulina Rubio

paulina+rubioThe rumors about Paulina Rubio being pregnant are back!!

Gossip tabloids have had her expecting a baby for over a year now, but this time the spark of the news came from a statement actor Fernando Allende told the press.

He said “La vi muy hermosa, tu sabes que las damas cuando están embarazadas, hay algo en las hormona que se les alborota bonito, se ponen chapeadas y su piel está hermosa. Yo la vi muy bonita.”

Oh, boy. Did he just reveal something he wasn’t supposed to?? Or, worse, think she’s pregnant when she’s not?!?!?!

AB Quintanilla Behind Bars After Ignoring Child Support Payment

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2017 - AB Quintanilla

ab+quintanillaAB Quintanilla has been arrested. He will be spending some time in Nueces County Jail after the judge ordered him into custody.

As you know, he landed on the county’s most wanted list after he was found to be non-compliant with his child support payments.

He’ll also need to pay back more than $130,000 in child support, court officials said.

The Judge ruled he be taken into custody, and asked him to consider his responsibilities as a parent during his time in jail. She said “I cannot make you a dad. I cannot make you an emotional father. I cannot make you emotionally there for your son. I cannot make you physically there for your son…But I can make you financially responsible for your son.”

Antonio Banderas Assures Everyone No More Surgeries Needed

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2017 - Antonio Banderas

antonioAntonio Banderas got three stents placed in his arteries – but does he need to get operated on again??

His brother spoke to the press and said that the actor would soon have to undergo another surgery for yet another procedure, which alarmed everyone, of course.

When Antonio got the news, he quickly got in touch with the media to say it just isn’t so.

Normally, for this kind of treatment, two or three surgeries are required…but Antonio assures everyone that his doctor’s feel that for him one is enough.

Let’s hope so!!