Eduardo Yañez Accused of Drugs, Racism, and Abuse by Own Son

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.22.2017 - Eduardo Yañez

eduardoEduardo Yañez got some hate on social media…from his own son!

Eduardo Yañez Jr unleashed on his dad on Twitter saying “Funny how in telenovelas my dad always plays the hero , but in real life it’s completely the opposite , drug addict , racist ,abuses women.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also posted “I’m grateful that I had a bad father , serves the perfect example of how not to be when my kid is born.”

Ouch!! Talk about family drama.

Belinda Not Kept by Criss Angel

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.22.2017 - Belinda

belindaBelinda is saying that she is NOT a kept woman!

A writer for Mexican newspaper “El Universal” mentioned that Beli’s boyfriend, Criss Angel, covers all expenses for her.

This would include her personal expenses – such as her apartment and car – and also professional costs – like music videos and song productions.

Belinda says none of this is true. She is fighting back saying she has worked for 15 years and and is an independent woman. Beli says that she has earned all she had through hard work.

Hey, we hope she at least accepts presents here and there…Criss is loaded!!

Barbara Mori Latest Post Might Confirm Son’s Rehab Rumor

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.22.2017 - Barbara Mori, Sergio Mayer, Sergio Mayer Mori

sergio+m+mIt’s being said that Sergio Mayer Mori was in rehab…and a new Instagram post by his mom could indicate that it’s true.

Barbara Mori posted the following message online – “La vida ocurre. Experiencias van y vienen, siempre con una enseñanza. Todo cambia. Y cuando menos te das cuenta el amor florece, se manifiesta. Y la vida, si te dejas, te transforma.”

It definitely sounds like something you’d say to minimize the severity of rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, Sergio Mayer Sr is adamantly denying that Jr was getting help.

Chabelo Might be Returning to TV

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.22.2017 - Televisión

chabeloChabelo might just be returning to TV.

He has meeting this week with Televisa to discuss a potential new show on the network.

The man-child entertainer made it clear that it would have to be something of quality and that makes sense.

He also said that he is enjoying the rest for now – he was on television for over 50 years, so a break was needed.

Selena Gomez Officially New Face of Coach

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.21.2017 - Selena Gomez

selenaThe official pics of Selena Gomez pushing Coach are out now.

The singer and actress signed a multimillion dollar deal with the brand to design a line of purses and be the face of the company.

Here is the first look – so, the question now is are you buying a purse because Selena helped design it and is modeling it??