Maluma All Smiles After 800,000 Dollar Robbery

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.22.2018 - Maluma

malumaMaluma is all smiles after being robbed almost a million dollars of stuff.

The Colombian singer’s hotel room was broken into and about 800,000 dollars worth of watches and jewelry were stolen.

Maluma has now posted a shirtless pic (surprise) and caption it “Mi felicidad y mi esencia… nadie se la puede llevar”.

That’s one way of keeping positive after the costly crime.

Mexico Fined by FIFA For Discriminatory and Insulting Chants at World Cup

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.21.2018 - Deportes

chicharitoFIFA has fined the Mexico Football Federation $10,000 for the actions of the country’s fans during its World Cup-opening win over Germany.

The fine was for “discriminatory and insulting chants” aimed at German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer as Mexico pulled off a stunning 1-0 upset Sunday.

A new anti-discrimination procedure at the World Cup instructs referees to stop the game for a public announcement if any discriminatory behavior — such as anti-LGBT chants — are heard. The official can suspend the game if the chanting persists.

Despite the rule, the referee in Sunday’s match did not take any action. However, FIFA did say afterward it was opening an investigation.

The Mexican soccer federation repeatedly has been fined by FIFA over fans chanting the anti-gay slur in recent years, but the sanctions haven’t escalated. The federation and players previously have urged fans to stop the chant to avoid further punishment.

Mayeli Alonso Says Intimate Game Drove Divorce With Lupillo Rivera

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.21.2018 - Lupillo Rivera

mayeliMayeli Alonso, still married to Lupillo Rivera spoke with “El Gordo y La Flaca” and revealed plenty.

She says she started to feel distant from Lupillo two years ago, “Yo estaba siendo más independiente. Fue un cambio muy grande para nosotros como pareja el entender que a mi me estaba yendo muy bien. En muchos momentos mejor que a él. Yo creo que eso fue el principio del fin. Ya nos habíamos separado antes. En ese tiempo me dije ‘me tengo que poner las pilas,”

Mayeli had signed a prenup so she knew she was taking no money in case of a divorce.

In the interview, she made clear that she left him, saying “Esta última vez se especuló que el me pidió el divorcio y que el se fue de la casa… no pasó así, yo me fui de la casa. Yo me fui de la casa porque tuvimos una discusión muy fuerte.”

Then she gave a clue as to what caused their full-on split. Mayeli says it was an ‘initimate game’ turned bad.

“Tuvimos un problema. El y yo jugamos un juego en el cual se nos salió de control, se nos fue de las manos. No fue ningún engaño, nunca lo engañé, no hubo un trio, no existe un amante, pero había un problema, no lo pudimos soportar“, she revealed.

What could it be??!

Chiquis Rivera Admits to Having Cellulite and Stretch Marks

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.21.2018 - Chiquis Rivera

chiquisChiquis Rivera is openly talking about having cellulite and stretch marks.

In a new project for Univision, the singer says she used to not like herself but is over that now.

The message is to promote loving yourself despite the defects and being naturally you. Chiquis says this is to inspire women.

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Jorge Salinas Contract Not Renewed by Televisa

by Latin Gossip Staff on 06.21.2018 - Jorge Salinas

jorge+salinasJorge Salinas is officially jobless.

The actor is no longer under contract with Televisa…as he had been for many many years.

He broke the news to the media saying “Acabo de terminar mi contrato con Televisa. Imagínate que trabajas para una empresa y de repente dejas de hacerlo porque se venció tu contrato.”

Jorge adds that he’s gotta figure out the finances now more than ever. He said “Ahora tienes que ir a buscar día a día el dinero que te procure las comodidades, alimentación, escolaridad de las personas a las que tú tienes obligación de mantener.”

He says it’s not all bad news…mentioning that now he has time to spend with his kids.