Renato Lopez Remembered by Friends With Taco Tattoo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.05.2016 - Barbara Mori, RIP

tacotattootatuajeTV host and actor Renato Lopez is being remembered by his close friends with a specific tattoo.

His group of pals, including Barbara Mori, got the word ‘TACO’ tattooed on their fingers. Renato had the same tattoo and loved showing it off anytime he ate tacos.

They have taken the meaning a bit further and have started the #TACOMovement, an acronym that stands for “Todo Amor Cero Odio” in honor of Renato.

Renato was shot and killed in Mexico, alongside his publicist.

Shannon De Lima Reappears on Social Media

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.02.2016 - Chisme

shannondelimaShannon De Lima has reappeared!

Right before the whole Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony kiss, Shannon seemingly disconnected from social media.

Well, she’s back and in the cutest of ways. She is seen in a new video kissing her adorable son.

Chin up, Shannon!

Maritza Villar Television Host Found Shot Dead

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.02.2016 - RIP

maritzavillarTelevision host Maritza Villar was killed in Mexico.

She was found dead on the side of the Apatzingan-Cuatro Caminos highway in Michoacan.

Her body was riddled with bullets with her hands tied together and her eyes blindfolded.

Maritza was the host of a grupero TV show before being let go. It’s unclear what she was working on most recently.

Maluma Remixes With Piso 21

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.02.2016 - Maluma, Musica

piso21malumaMaluma has become the go-to guy for collaborations.

Just recently we’ve seen him singing on songs with Ricky Martin and Shakira…and now he’s duetting with Piso 21.

It’s a remix for “Me Llamas” and it’s the perfect combination of Pop with some Urban sounds. Let us know what you think.

David Bisbal Releases New Album Hijos Del Mar

by Latin Gossip Staff on 12.02.2016 - David Bisbal

davidbisbalDavid Bisbal is on the scene with a new album titled “Hijos Del Mar” – his sixth of his successful career.

He got together with someone of the best songwriters in Spanish-language music to create the tracks for this new production.

David explains that he took a “songwriting trip” to several countries including Sweden, France, the UK, the United States, and Spain to come up with the music of this album.

Fantastic lyrics. Check. Fantastic music. Check. Fantastic voice. Check.