Christian Acosta Classic and Dapper at Premios Billboard

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.28.2017 - Christian Acosta

700013680VP00015_Billboard_Classic is always in and Christian Acosta is proof of that!

We normally see him in flashy suits, but at Premios Billboard he opted for a grey classic suit reminiscent of the Gatsby days.

The best kind of throwbacks since class and elegance never go out of style.

Zuleyka Rivera Rocks Similar But Hot Look

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.28.2017 - Zuleyka Rivera


Zuleyka Rivera knows she’s got it and she showed that at Premios Billboard.

The beaded dresses always work on her – remember she won Miss Universe in a similar one – but, hey, if it works…why not??

Quique Usales Sets Bar High at Premios Billboard Red Carpet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.28.2017 - Quique Usales

lbb+1Telemundo’s fashion expert never makes mistakes…and the red carpet of Premios Billboard is proof of that!

Quique Usales was most definitely one of the best dressed of the night at the show. You can’t get any better than this!

Kate Del Castillo Makes Badass Look Good

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.28.2017 - Kate Del Castillo

lbb+7Kate Del Castillo has a solid body of work…and just a solid body too!

She showed off her toned leg, toned shoulders at Premios Billboard, and toned arm with this dress that we’re loving.

This is one badass woman that knows how to look good!

Luis Fonsi Makes Most of Moment With Classic Tux

by Latin Gossip Staff on 04.28.2017 - Luis Fonsi

lbb+4Luis Fonsi is the star of the moment – and he was most definitely the star of the moment on the red carpet at Premios Billboard.

The Puerto Rican singer opted for a classic tuxedo, knowing full well that everyone would be looking at him thanks to his success with “Despacito.”