Fabio Melanitto Body Not Claimed Yet

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - RIP

fabioFabio Melanitto was murdered in Mexico City – and now his body sits without anyone to claim it.

The Venezuelan former singer of Pop group UFF had no family in Mexico and authorities are having a hard time deciding what to do with his remains.

They have reached out to family in both Venezuela and Italy in hopes that someone will claim the body.

Some of Fabio’s friends are also pleading with Ivonne Montero to take ownership of the body – since they were briefly married some years ago.

We are being told that if nobody steps up for Fabio in 30 days, then the remains will be placed in a communal burial plot.

Carlos Vives and Wife Renew Their Vows

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - Carlos Vives

carlosCarlos Vives and his wife Claudia Elena Vasquez celebrated ten years of marriage by renewing their vows in front of family and friends.

The couple intended for the event to be a more private affair and requested their guests to not to post on social media.

“Queridos amigos, gracias por aceptar esta invitacion. Hoy es un dia muy especial y estamos felices de que esten aqui. Queremos que cada momento quede registrado en su memoria y en su Corazon, no en su cellular. Esperamos que sepan guardar “Nuestro secreto”, no queremos nuestro dia publicado en las redes sociales. Por favor no fotos ni videos, la privacidad de esta fecha es muy importante para nosotros. Olviden por hoy el cellular y disfruten de la compañia a su alrededor. Bienvenidos!”

Well, that didn’t go as planned because even THAT was posted.

Tough to keep something off of social media these days.

Congratulations to them.

Police Say This Man Killed Fabio Melanitto

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.20.2018 - RIP

fabioAuthorities are saying that this is the man that killed Fabio Melanitto.

As you know, the former member of Pop group UFF was shot and killed in Mexico City on August 15th and police are pointing at this man as the murderer.

At first it was reported that it was simply a robbery gone wrong, then that it was a crime of passion over his current girlfriend, but now the theory is that it could have been a settling of scores over money due in a shady deal.

Police are using surveillance footage to piece the killing together and they say this man hopped in a grey car which he later abandoned in another part of the city.

For now, the killer is still on the loose.

Laura Leon Reveals Love of Her Life Died Last Year

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Laura Leon

laura+leonLaura Leon has revealed that the love of her life died last year.

In an interview for ‘Sale el Sol’ she opened up about her deceased boyfriend – saying he passed away of a heart attack.

Laura admits that she still can’t get over the death and doesn’t have eyes for anyone else, saying “No tengo ojos para nadie, no quiero volver ni me nace tampoco todavía, ese amor esta alimentado adentro todavía tesoritos me hizo tan feliz, todavía no se me pasa.”

She added “Una persona tan educada, tan agradable, desde un principio me llamó la atención, me invitó a comer, después me invitó a cenar y así estuvimos haciendo una relación tan bonita tesoros, tan bonita que va hacer muy difícil, volver a tener algo tan bello en mi vida.”

That’s tough.

Thalia Gets Gold Album for No Me Acuerdo

by Latin Gossip Staff on 08.17.2018 - Musica, Natti Natasha, Thalia

thaliaThalia and Natti Natasha‘s smash hit was just certified with gold.

The Mexican singer was thrilled to announce Sony Music had sent her the recognition from the high sales of “No Me Acuedro” in her home country.

She thanked her fans, Natti, of course, and everyone who was involved in the project.