omega005So Omega was thrown in jail AGAIN!

This time he failed to pay an amount a judge ordered him to hand over after breaching a contract for a string of concerts.

The Dominican artist was eventually released after he came to an agreement with the producer that sued him.

Now Omega will have to perform at eleven of his parties in order to wash his hands clean of this legal problem and avoid prison.

Better comb that hair and get to singing!!


Omega fue encarcelado DE NUEVO!

Esta vez no pagó una cifra que un juez le ordenó a pagar tras haber incumplido con un contrato.

El artista eventualmente quedó libre al llegar a un acuerdo con el productor que lo demandó.

Ahora Omega tendrá que presentarse en once fiestas de este señor para cumplir con su acuerdo y evitar la carcel.

Cepillate el cabello y ponte a cantar!!

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