geraldineWell, isn’t this casting interesting.

Geraldine Bazan has been cast in a new telenovela…and Julian Gil is also in it!

The novela is called “Por Amar Sin Ley” and it’s an interesting choice to have them share the same set. As you know, Geraldine is divorcing Gabriel Soto – who has been linked to the whole Julian and Marjorie De Sousa baby drama as being a potential father of Matias.

Oh yeah, and there’s also the rumor that spread like crazy that Geraldine and Julian were hooking up a few weeks ago.

Anyway, Ana Brenda and David Zepeda also star in the novela.

PSVictor Garcia is also in the novela. Why does it matter? Because he and Geraldine were novios years ago. And, remember, Geraldine is technically single now.

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