Oh boy. It’s Niurka Marcos VS Jenni Rivera again!

When asked for her opinion on the whole Rivera Family scandal of hitting a fan on stage, Niurka responded:

“She is a whale and it’s not the first time I say it. I’ve been saying it since she danced on the pole and disrespected strippers.”

People En Español immediately got in touch with Jenni to get her response, but the diva de la banda took the high road and instead of insulting Niurka right back, she said:

“There is nothing that anybody can say that can take away my happiness.”

Good for Jenni! The easy thing would have been to insult Niurka!

She is moving on and not giving her what she wants. Besides, Niurka was probably salivating for some time in the spotlight and Jenni just ended that for her.

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