niurkamarcoscarmensalinasNiurka Marcos and Carmen Salinas are going after Laura Zapata.

It all started when Niurka accused Laura of being behind the end of “Celia El Musical” – to which Laura responded by calling her a “maldita gata de basurero.”

Niurka then fired back with “Laura Zapata, qué se siente que ya no eres nada en esta vida. Actriz de reparto, naca sin talento; te topaste con el muro de Berlín, vieja patética.”

Laura then said “Que aprenda a respetar esta muerta de hambre.” Some of Laura’s fans tweeted out death threats against Niurka, with some images of a guns, and Laura retweeted them.

Niurka isn’t taking any chances with the threats on her life and has filed a legal complaint against Laura with Carmen’s help.

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