niurka+marcosNiurka Marcos surprised a reporter by flashing him in the middle of an interview.

She was in a Q&A with Costa Rican radio show “La Roncha”, and the host asked her if she had undergone any plastic surgery.

Niurka pulled her hair back to show her face, saying “Tengo 50 años y he sido transparente con la audiencia y con la prensa siempre. No tengo ninguna cirugía en mi rostro, lo pueden ver, nada aplicado. ¿Cómo me mantengo? con plasma y radiofrecuencia y mis tratamientos de spa.”

Niurka continued by adding that she only has had her boobs done and her abdomen area pulled after giving birth.

To prove the point about her breasts, she pulled up her top and showed them off to everyone present. Needless to say, she left everyone in shock.

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