Ninel Conde made her Aventurera debut!!

It didn’t all premiere as perfectly or as smoothly as she or the producers would have hoped, but they can at least check off one show from their theater run.

El Universal wrote:

“The premiere of Aventurera looked careless and obviously it lacked rehearsal, the inept set design, the audio failures and the late dress rehearsal, while Ninel Conde, in her debut, fulfilled her duties but didn’t surprise the audience.”

Ninel later said she didn’t have time to try on the outfits before going on stage and that it wasn’t the best showing because:

“Obviously, there were the normal nerves mixed with emotions, exhaustion, many hours of work and effort, and little time to practice with everyone.”

By the sounds of it, it’s a miracle it wasn’t a complete failure!

Si, there was sloppiness but it seems to come from the production side and not Ninel’s fault.

Congrats on the debut!!

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