A badly-timed insult and a careless threat.

After the world learned of Facundo Cabral‘s murder, Mexican TV and radio host Facundo took the opportunity to make a joke and jab at Ninel Conde.

Ninel is often the target of jokes with people loving to make fun of her supposed lack of intellect.

The very much alive Facundo sent the following message on Twitter:

“Thank you very much Ninel Conde for the flowers you sent to my house, but it’s wasn’t me who died.”

Tasteless? Yes. Humorous? Slightly.

Anyway, Ninel did not like his little comedy at all and responded by saying:

“Facundo, what flowers are you talking about little boy? Stop being the funnyman or you’ll soon get a visit from Juan Zepeda.”

With that she is threatening him with a not-so-cordial confrontation with her husband, Juan.

We get the joke was not right to make for a few reasons, but threatening someone is never cool…or smart, really.

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