• bobby.jpg Since his Ex, Niurka Marcos, is posing for Playboy, Bobby Larios will show his stuff in a calendar he is releasing in February 2007. Apparently, his nude body will be painted as he poses foolishly seductively on the beach. Yeah, that’s a good way of getting revenge. Sure.
  • jorge drexler.jpgJorge Drexler is releasing his new album 12 Segundos De Oscuridad on January 30th. Like he has done in the past, Jorge will mix electronica with classic poetic sounds.
  • susana.jpg Actress Susana Gonzalez announced that she has posed “like never before” on the cover of a magazine for gentlemen. We don’t think it’s totally nude. We’re guessing Maxim.
  • pinata.jpgIn true Mexican style, Mexico City will welcome the New Year with the world’s largest piñata. It has a diameter of 98 feet and weighs a half a ton!

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