rmintocableIntocable has done it again.

Their most recent video, for the song “Me Dueles“, goes off of the typical love story script to focus on more humanitarian issues and events happening around the world and within our society.

Like with the “Dia 730″ video, the band is giving a voice to those who don’t have it, in this case, our own world.

The song narrates the story about a person, presumably, who loves another so hard it hurts, the video, however, has a twist.

During a conversation we had with Ricky Muñoz, he explained how he came up with the concept behind the video.

As he was watching videos from the 80′s, he became inspired to do something unexpected with the story-line.

“At first it is the typical story, a guy hurting because of love. Then I came up with this concept. Why can’t we make this video? Yeah, that’s what you’d expect, ‘you’re leaving me, you hurt me,’ let’s make this song about the world telling humans, ‘me dueles.’ It’s really the world, el universo, cantándole a la humanidad.”

It comes down to do something that brings awareness and is different regardless of the possible critique or backlash about releasing what he says some may call a “dumb video” in a genre where superficiality and sex scenes are commonly seen.

Scenes of the video show images of natural disasters, immigration issues (separations, protests, and detention centers), the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, communities coming together to help one another, among other things.

At the end of the day, the video remains one about “amor and desamor”, with humanity, our environment, and among ourselves.

You must watch.

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