michelle+salasMichelle Salas has partnered with “Hola” to create videos for YouTube. The first vid is titled ‘Follow Me Around’ and it essentially gives us a look at a day in her life.

We wish we hadn’t seen the video.

We have always heard about how hard she works and admired her for that – but this video proves that she doesn’t. This shows that the reality is the total opposite of working hard.

She starts her day hanging out at home, followed by working out at the gym. She then heads over to the salon to get her hair and makeup done. After that, she strolls over to a restaurant to eat. As ridiculous as it sounds, she then hits up a cafe to get another snack – only then pulling out her laptop to write a blog post. All of this lack of work is followed up with a trip to the store for some shopping. Serious.

The video makes us not like her, which is a shame. It changed our perception of her. If you want to watch for yourself, here it is…

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