His ex may have found herself a new man, but he’s not ready for new love – or so he says.

There are rumors going around that Sebastian Rulli and Mariana Seoane have something going on because they were recently snapped by paparazzis having dinner and holding hands.

Sebas went on radio show Javier Poza en Formula and said:

“I already said it. I don’t have a romantic relationship with Mariana, she is a great friend of mine. We have worked together for nine months and we get along real well, really really well. I am talking about this because Mariana doesn’t deserve to be associated with someone if there is no romance. Personally, I don’t have to explain myself but I do it for her. If I had to have a romantic relationship with all of my friends, the truth is that it would be a big problem. I don’t have a relationship right now, and I don’t think I am ready to have one.”


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