marco+antonioIt’s no secret that Marco Antonio Solis ignored his daughter, Beatriz Solis, for a good part of her life.

That all seems to be ancient history.

Even though there are rumors that he still isn’t the best of dads to her, she is saying otherwise.

Beatriz attended his concert, sat front row, and he serenaded her at one point in the middle of the show. She wrote the following on Instagram:

“Lo ultimo que voy a decir al respecto y espero quede muy claro , no hay chisme , fuerza maligna ni mala intención que pueda romper este amor , no crean todo lo que escuchen . Te amo pa, tu chiquilla bonita, soy muy afortunada de ser tu hija , te ADORO”

CLICK HERE to see video of the musical moment between pop and hija.

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