marc+anthonyMarc Anthony is on the latest “Billboard” cover!

The singer turned mogul opens up about Magnus Media, the entertainment company he launched in March 2015, his loyalty to Hillary Clinton, his praise for Obama on Cuba, and his marriage.

We also love that the mag calls him “The New Jefe” – CHECK OUT THE INTERVIEW.

On where the idea for Magnus Media came from:
“I’ve always said the concept of Magnus was born out of f—ing frustration,” he says. “Some of the biggest influencers on the planet are Latino artists and athletes.” Anthony pauses to light a cigarette. “I’m really interested in seeing how this pans out. If it works, we’ll be miles ahead of a lot of people.”

On why he chose Miami as the headquarters for Magnus Media:
“It’s the capital of Latin America,” says Anthony. “It’s the epicenter. It’s one of the biggest markets for what I do. So many of my artists and friends all pass through Miami. Probably 90 more times than they do in New York or L.A. So I stacked all my chips here.”

On why Magnus Media is the best for Latin artists:
“One hundred percent of the Fortune 500 companies, they have no idea how to speak to the 610 million Latinos,” he says. “There just isn’t a silver bullet that’s going to speak the language of all those people, with their idiosyncratic food, dialects, cultures. Me and my artists understand those distinctions. We’ve been speaking to these different audiences all of our lives.”

On choosing Hillary over Bernie:
“I have a lot of respect for Bernie Sanders, his ideas, how he has run his campaign. But I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton. We’ve been friends for 20 years.”

On the USA lifting the travel ban to Cuba:
“I’m proud that President Obama had the balls to move the needle on that,” he says. “Times are changing.”

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