marc+anthonyMarc Anthony chatted with the “New York Daily News” to discuss his Madison Square Garden concert on February 6th.

It’s been eight years since he performed there so it’ll be more than a nice homecoming for the Salsa king.

The paper asked Marc about the show and what he’s been up to of course, but then they touched on the kids asking how he deals with finding enough time to spend with his five kids. He answered:

“It’s the big regret, I would say, and any parent who chooses this as a vocation knows this. Yes, I have a responsibility to my vocation and to my fans, but I also have one as a father, and it’s very serious. For any parent that sacrifices the better part of their life to reach certain goals and represent a community, it’s that one thing that’s the most uncomfortable to wrestle with.”

He also discussed if he encourages them to get into the entertainment industry or not.

“Oh, absolutely! I couldn’t stand my mom telling me music was never going to pan out. She’d say, “You need to get out and be a man and join the military like your brothers because music is not paying the bills!” I cannot imagine myself saying that to my children. As long as they’re passionate about it, and if they don’t do it for the wrong reasons, I wouldn’t dare step in their way.”

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