marc+anthony+mens+fitnessThe June issue of “Men’s Fitness” goes on sale today and features an in-depth profile on Marc Anthony.

Who would have thunk it!! Marc Anthony on the cover of “Men’s Fitness”!

He shares his secrets to career longevity, repeated success, and how being bullied as a child inspired his passion to help disadvantaged youth – plus he also shared how his dad would tell him he’s ugly!

CLICK HERE to read a portion of the interview and to see a behind-the-scenes video of the cover.


El número de junio de “Men’s Fitness” sale a la venta hoy con el enfoque sobre Marc Anthony.

Quién nos iba a decr!! Marc Anthony en la portada de “Men’s Fitness”!

Comparte sus secretos para mantenerse todos estos años entre los artistas más importantes de la música Latina, y como su experiencia con ‘bullying’ en el colegio lo ayudó a desarrollar su pasión por ayudar a jóvenes de bajos recursos – además revela que su padre le decía que era feo!

A continuación una porción de la entrevista y un video detrás-de-cámaras de la sesión de fotos de la portada.

Interview / Entrevista

On some of his high-profile relationships:
“The people I have ended up in relationships with are human beings. They’re not conquests.”

“My dad would tell me, ‘Son, I’m ugly and you’re ugly – work on your personality’…I think it served me well. I think confidence is a powerful thing.”

On being an international ambassador for Latin music and a role model for the next generation of Latino artists:
“I have a lot of stories to tell. I got smacked around early on, and it was hard, but to me it was part of the game. As blessed as I am, my heart goes out to any artist who has to do it on his own.”

On what his success might say to the kids who tormented him when he was growing up:
“Those people who picked on me [probably] got their ass kicked in the present day. I don’t have anything to say to anybody. I am more proud of the work that my foundation (Maestro Cares) is doing, to be honest with you.”

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