andresAndres Garcia revealed that Luisito Rey asked his help in killing Luis Miguel’s mom, Marcela Basteri.

The actor is certain that Luisito went on with his plan to murder Marcela.

In an interview with ‘Un Nuevo Dia’, Andres talked about the conversation he had with Luismi’s father.

He said “Efectivamente, Luisito me pidió que viniera a España diciéndome que Micky tenía un problema muy serio. El problema era él, que quería matar a Marcela. ‘Ayúdame a matar a Marcela’.

Andres says he ignored Luisito’s request, but when he found out that Marcela had disappeared, he knew what went on.

He also added that Luis Miguel became another person because of the fame and they don’t talk anymore.

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