fonsi“Despacito” is most definitely the song of the year…and that was even before Justin Bieber jumped on board!

However, there is some social media love, or lack thereof, that has fans wondering what’s going on.

The version of the song with JB is #1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart and #3 on The Hot 100 songs – a HUGE accomplishment!

To celebrate, Luis Fonsi published a post on Instagram…but only thanked Daddy Yankee. Hmmmm. It seems like it would be difficult to forget to thank Justin too, no?

But but but, some fans are saying it’s a little retaliation. Back on April 24th, Justin was so happy about being #1 that he posted “Despacito #1 in the world. Thank you” – no mention of Fonsi or DY.

So, what gives???

PS – Fonsi follows Justin on Instagram…but he doesn’t follow him back.

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