How terrifying and upsetting all at the same time!

Thieves broke into Luis Enrique‘s house and robbed the place!

Thankfully, he wasn’t home at the moment of the break-in, but he quickly realized that the theft took place when he noticed his furniture moved around and then a shattered window.

Shortly after the robbery, the singer said:

“A strange feeling comes over you, knowing that a stranger has entered the most sacred place for you, your home. However, I have to say that I am very fortunate because I could have been there, alone, or with my son, and it would have been a terrible incident. I thank God nothing worse happened. Material items don’t matter, that can all be be replaced somehow. Life is the true value. Besides, there are people that go through worse situations than this, so I have to say I am very grateful.”

Yes, horrible that it happened, but like he said…everything they took can be replaced. His and his family’s safety is what matters.

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