Itati Cantoral and Yuri appeared together on Es De Noche y Ya Llegué to show the world that they have made up.

You may remember the hilariously shocking video in which Itati called Yuri and Lucia Mendez coke addicts and hookers during a drunk night out!

Itati said:

“I didn’t even feel everything I did and everything I said, but seeing it was like seeing myself in another state of mind that wasn’t mine and it was like seeing a very shameful person, I felt very embarrassed. I intended to talk to Yuri and Lucia but the damage was already done. I take advantage of this moment to publicly apologize, I was wrong.”

Yuri forgave her and the two hugged it out.

We’re glad Itati is FINALLY publicly admitting it. At first she was giving the lame excuse that it was all a trap.

Anyway, it seems all is good now…so to get a nice laugh prior to the weekend CLICK HERE to watch the video!! It’s too funny!

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