luceroLucero has always been a part of the Teleton – in fact, she has been the main face of it for many years.

Well, not this time around.

She has revealed that she hasn’t been invited to participate – and it obviously has to do with her new gig.

You see, she is hosting “Yo Soy El Artista” for Telemundo and Teleton airs on Univision – a big no-no in the Latin world.

Lucero gave the best answer when she was asked about all of this. She said:

“Up to now they still haven’t invited me to participate in the Teleton and I understand that networks have their competition and that I respect. Teleton is part of my life, ever since 18 years ago I feel involved and it’s part of my essence so I will always be close to it. If they invite me, I will gladly do it, if not, it’s all good because I will be happy that it moves forward with or without me.”


Lucero siemre ha sido parte del Teletón – es más, ha sido la cara del proyecto desde ya hace muchísimos años.

Pues, esta vez no.

Ella reveló que no la han invitado a participar – y obviamente tiene que ver con su nuevo trabajo.

Ella es la conductora de “Yo Soy El Artista” para Telemundo y el Teletón se transmite por Univision.

Lucero dio una buena respuesta cuando le preguntaron acerca de esto:

“Hasta el momento no me han invitado a participar al Teletón y entiendo que las televisoras tienen sus competencias y se respeta. Teletón es parte de mi vida, desde hace 18 años me siento involucrada y es parte de mi esencia así que siempre estaré cerca. Si me invitan, encantada y si no, no pasa nada porque estoy feliz de que siga adelante conmigo o sin mi.”

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