alicia+machado+lili+estefanAlicia Machado let Lili Estefan have it on social media.

Here’s how it went down…Ana Maria Canseco often times uses her Instagram profile to update her fans on news and she reported on Lili separating from her husband after 28 years of being together.

Alicia commented saying “Aaaaaaa Pobrecita… ¿pero el cuerno es con una mujer o con un hombre? upps.”

People started attacking Alicia and defending Lili – and Alicia responded with her own insults to those that commented against her.

The former beauty queen then published “Jajajajajaja aaaaaaaay ya relax! Que si del chisme a comido la flaca por tanto tiempo pues un poco de su propio chocolate no creo que le afecte! Lo que soy yo este chisme no me lo pierdo! Jajajajajaja”

This blew up into a big back-and-forth battle between Alicia and other commenters – so Alicia decided to delete her comments but not before everyone took notice.

What do you think of Alicia blasting Lili this way??

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