adrian+marceloAdrian Marcelo, host of SNSerio, has been fired.

The network Multimedios has let him go after the interview he had with Laura Zapata in which she walked out.

They were chatting on the show and made a bet about Juan Gabriel being alive or not – and then they were discussing the punishment.

Adrian said she should do the #ThaliaChallenge if she loses.

Laura got upset and walked off the set.

Adrian received notice that he was getting the boot. He let his followers know on Twitter saying “Debido a lo ocurrido con @LAURAZAPATAM anoche en #SNSerio, @multimediostv ha decidido prescindir de mis servicios. Ha sido un placer y no tengo más que agradecimiento por estos cinco años. Es una lástima, no diré que no y solo espero extraer el aprendizaje de este suceso.”

What does Laura have to say about this??

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