larry+hernadnezMore and more details are emerging about Larry Hernandez’s arrest – and the reports are crazy!!

Local media in South Carolina state that back on August 16, Larry performed at a skating rink in Newberry, SC.

Just before 5 a.m., the two victims, one of whom was in charge of paying performers for the concert, went to a hotel where Larry and other members of his group were staying to pay him for his part of the ticket sales. The victims told police that they gave Larry $14,000, but the singer demanded $30,000, and said he was going to hold one of them until he got back.

After the other victim left, the report says Larry and two other men with him wrapped the victim in clear plastic and began hitting him, then threw him into a brick wall. The report goes on to say that they dragged the man inside their tour bus and continued hitting him.

Police say the men also forced the victim to put his arms around the as if they were friends as they took him up to one of their hotel rooms, where they continue to assault the victim.

Eventually the other man came back with more money. A short time later, the suspects left the victim in the hotel room and drove away in the bus.

Officers are working to extradite Larry from California to South Carolina.

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