What is going on with Larry Hernandez?

We’re not sure – maybe you can tell us.

He announced that he won’t be participating in Premios Juventud and also said something was going on with his family.

He shared on social media:

“To all my fans and followers, I offer an apology if you feel I’ve been away from all social media; I’m fine, thank God. Something unexpected happened that keeps me from being the way I am, happy and a riot in social media; and in my everyday life I am going through a bad moment in the family, but at this moment we no longer have good news. I ask you for patience and I thank each one of you for your prayers. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to Miami to the award show I was waiting for for many months; I hope the organizers of this event understand, Premios Juventud I’m so sorry! And thank you for thinking of me from day one. I feel sad for not being able to be there. As you know, I’ve always stood up for my family and I will stand proud celebrating my triumphs and falls. Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.”

Whatever it is, we hope it all gets better, Larry.

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