Kate Del Castillo was interviewed by journalist Adela Micha and answered questions about the lesbian rumors and if she wants to have children.

She said:

“I am not a lesbian, even though I know that many girls would like that (laughs), but I like men a lot. I have a lot of gay friends, I love them, and I respect them a lot, but it won’t happen with me. I like men a lot, just men. I am not a lesbian.”

And whether or not she wants to be a mom, she responded:

“No, I tell you that today I don’t want to have kids, but I don’t know if tomorrow I’ll want to. I have never had that maternal thing in me and I am maternal with my friends, with my boyfriend, with my family, but I have never had the desire to be a mom and it’s not something that worries me.”

Understand? Not a lesbian and not a mother.

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