julianJulian Gil compared his son’s situation with that of the kids being caged at the border.

Many people have voiced their opinions on the horrific situation happening at US borders in which children are being separated from their parents over immigration statuses and being placed in caged confinements.

Well, Julian figured he would also speak out, but with a personal touch. He said ““Entonces todos ponen un post por algo que yo vengo gritando al mundo hace más de un año. Así es la vida. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre un caso y otro?”

He then added another post on social media, saying “Separación es separación, acá y en la china.”

People did not take this well. They criticized him for using this to exploit his own personal battles and also reminded him that his son is at home comfortable sleeping under the care of his mother while the kids at the border are alone, confused, and traumatized in cages.

Julian must have realized that he inserted his foot in his mouth because he ended up deleting the messages.

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