julian+GeraldineThere is news coming out of Mexico that Geraldine Bazan celebrated her birthday with Julian Gil.

This would make for a huge story considering the drama that with Geraldine, Julian, Marjorie De Sousa, and Gabriel Soto. Remember for a while it as speculated that Gabriel, Geradline’s soon to be ex, was the actual father of Marjorie’s baby…not Julian.

DNA tests proved that Julian is indeed the father, but the damage it reportedly did to Geraldine and Gabriel’s relationship took a toll on them.

Now, it’s true that she celebrated with Julian, but there’s more to the story than most media are reporting.

You see, she celebrated with the whole cast of the novela “Por Amar Sin Ley” – which Julian is also a part of.

So, the birthday song and dance happened with not just Julian, but everyone involved in the show.

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