158319882-9ce2f4aefa584519ea7325f33c92a37f.4c86d200-scaledOn September 16th Juanes‘ fans around the world will get a chance to be part of his story!

They’ll have a chance to have their faces immortalized on Juanes’ Fanwall from which a selection of snapshots will be pulled and featured on the new official cover and album artwork, due out this fall.

The worldwide Fanwall event is set to be hosted through Juanes’ official websites.

As of September 16th, Fans will be able to register and upload their image for a chance to be featured on the official artwork for the upcoming release – yet to be named.

Once the album cover is announced, fans will be able to visit Juanes’ website and view their image online.

Smart marketing and a great way to connect with his followers!!

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