juanJuan Gabriel is NOT alive.

An apparent ex-manager of the legendary Mexican singer claims he faked his own death to escape publicity.

One of Juanga’s sons, Ivan Aguilera, however, told TMZ on Monday that the rumor is completely false and his dad is dead.

In an interview with a Mexican news outlet on Televisa, Joaquin Muñoz said Juanga was at home doing well and that he faked his own death.

He said the legendary singer was planning to come back into the spotlight sometime in December and he last saw him in July.

Juan Gabriel died of a heart attack in 2016 and a death certificate, obtained by TMZ, confirms the cause of death.

Ivan told TMZ that Muñoz’s story is fabricated and he was only spreading the rumor to draw publicity for his new book. He also said Muñoz was just a friend and never managed his father.

An attorney for the family told TMZ they are considering legal action against Muñoz.

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