juanThere is talk that Juan Gabriel‘s kids are already fighting over money.

The singer was a father to four and some media reports indicate that they are battling over the inheritance left by Juan Gabriel – whose fortune is allegedly valued at 30 million dollars.

However, Laura Salas, the mother of Juanga’s children, says nothing could be further from the truth. She told “El Gordo y La Flaca”:

“Es mentira que [mis hijos] andan peleándose por dos pesos — jamás lo harán. Ellos tienen la enseñanza de su padre. Su padre fue desprendido; nunca le tuvo amor [al dinero] ni quiso atesorar. Así como lo ganaba, él lo gastaba y así son mis hijos, gracias a Dios.”

Ironic that Juan Gabriel has a song where he proclaims he doesn’t have dinero.

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