Puerto Rican star Jowell crossed the line and he knows it!

He was in a Maryland restaurant when he decided to be a prankster and sing romantically to the Asian waitress attending him.

Except there was NOTHING romantic about the lyrics. In fact, they were downright disrespectful, vulgar, and shocking.

She laughed it off, obviously not knowing what he was saying.

He thought he was being funny but fans have responded and they are not pleased…especially the women who feel that he degraded them with this stunt.

Jowell also received some straight up words from his own mother who said that she was not pleased at all!

He is embarrassed about what he did and apologizes to anyone that feels offended by his actions.

In case you are interested, we have the video for you – but be warned that the lyrics are of adult nature.

CLICK HERE to watch.

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