anelJose Jose‘s ex-wife, Anel Noreña, says that the singer has no fortune to leave behind…in fact, she says he doesn’t have a cent to his name.

She spoke with ‘MezcalTV’ and revealed that her grown kids have not been able to get in touch with JJ.

Anel says that they just want to know if he is OK and are not interested in money – because there is none.

She said “No hay herencia gracias a Dios, José no tiene ni un centavo. Si cayó un centavo de la serie que hizo, Sarita lo tiene, pero no hay herencia, [propiedades] tampoco, no tiene nada. Ya ves lo que pasó con Juan [Gabriel], ya ves lo que pasa con todas las familias que tienen dinero, no es justo, pero no, no hay nada gracias a Dios”.

Less money, less problems??

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