jloJennifer Lopez has revealed how she and new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, started dating. She was on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and gave the details.

“You don’t want to hear about all this,” the singer said, blushing, only to be met with cheers from the audience.

Turns out, they met in a pretty ordinary way.

“It’s very simple. I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him. He passed by,” she explained. “Afterwards I went outside, but for some reason I felt like tapping him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hi.’ ”

The duo started chatting about living in Los Angeles, and he eventually asked her on a date.

“He texted me, said, ‘Let’s go out to dinner,’ and I said, ‘Okay,’ ” JLo recalled. “We had a nice dinner.”

However, she did NOT sleep over after the first date. “No,” she said. “Mama don’t sleep over on the first date.”

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