jloJennifer Lopez is featured on Drake‘s new album…but not in duet form.

The rapper wasn’t afraid to mention the Bronx superstar on his new music – not once, but twice!

In “Free Smoke,” he raps, “I drunk text J. Lo / Old numbers so I bounce back / Boy Wonder gotta bounce back.” Getting an entirely new number instead of just blocking him seems extreme, but okay.

Then Drake samples the chorus to Jen’s “If You Had My Love” for the chorus of “Teenage Fever,” which includes lyrics like “Your heart is hard to carry after dark / You’re to blame for what we could have been / ’Cause look at what we are.” Ouch.

Although they were spending a lot of time together, JLo said they were just working on music. Then she surprised the world by hooking up with Alex Rodriguez. Maybe Drake was surprised too.

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